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Feb 032013

Thank you to Elsevier who are a Premium Sponsor for NLS6, generously supporting our social barbecue. This sponsor guest post is authored by Linda Dunne, Senior Account Manager and edited by David Stammers, Account Manager and Macy Lee, Customer Development Executive from Elsevier.

Greetings my fellow librarians, we are really excited to have the opportunity to meet and interact with you all at the upcoming library symposium being held at QUT.

I was asked by my colleagues to create a ‘blog’ which for me is a first I have to say! What I thought might interest you, as you enter into your library careers, is a snippet of my personal experience and insights from quite a few years in the industry both as a librarian and also as a vendor.

For me it all started during high school in NZ at the local public library mending children’s picture books. It then became a job during varsity long vacations and how I remember the joys of shelving and issuing books at the circulation desk and filing into the card catalogue! How things have changed since then!

To set the scene following several years as a Science Librarian, I’m now firmly entrenched in vendor land. Did she move across to the dark side I hear you say? Well I don’t see it that way and will explain why ….

Firstly I am passionate about my chosen profession and the service we provide to our readers, students, and academics, really whoever it is we serve. In short, it’s in my DNA and I am passionate about it.

I see working for Elsevier as really just an extension of my previous library roles in that we serve not just end users but the librarians and researchers themselves. These days most institutions are heading, if they aren’t already there, to an ‘e’ preferred policy so my role involves keeping up with technology and being able to talk the talk not just externally but internally with our product development teams who need to know what our clients are thinking, where they are heading and what we can do to assist them. Personally, and please don’t tell my product development colleagues, I still enjoy picking up an old fashioned book, that’s me but times are a changing! Books are no longer physical but electronic and the world of ‘e’ is also changing classroom style. ScienceDirect no longer offer only just journals and eBooks but it is expanding the product to eTextbooks and the latest legacy collection to continue to meet the needs of our market.

Words of advice…

So as you enter into your library careers, and how I envy the journey you are about to begin, my advice is to think outside the box and explore opportunities not just within the library itself but in those professions that work alongside or support the library. Eight years down the track I’m still firmly entrenched in the industry I love, regularly meet up with both old and new friends and am constantly amazed at the technological developments driving us into 2013 and beyond.

May 142012

The NLS6 Organising Committee met last week to kick off our planning. Here’s what we’re working on at the moment.

Budget and administration

Venues, catering and contracts are being locked down. We’ve been balancing the books to bring you the best possible symposium experience at the lowest possible cost. NLS6 will not cost you the earth, but we will have an earth-shattering program!


Jess and Fiona are looking after the Proposals and Speaker Liaison crew, who are busily preparing a draft call for contributions and working to refine the program model. We have something seriously different in store for you. Start thinking about what you might like to contribute to the NLS6 program!


The Experience team, lead by Alisa and Michelle, are working out the nitty gritty of how they can help you to have a smooth experience as you prepare for your trip to Brisbane, and an awesome time once you get here. They’re going to be bringing you helpful travel information, tips and advice. And they’re also putting together a range of free workshops for NLS6 delegates that will take place the day before the symposium kicks off.


Our Marketing lead Karina is working hard on a marketing plan for the event. She’ll be the one making sure we have good visibility so we can attract a wide range of delegates from different parts of the information professions.


Zaana is working on our sponsorship prospectus and will soon be talking to organisations who’ve already expressed an interest in supporting NLS6.


Our self-proclaimed web monkey Matthias and his co-chair Lisa are working on the symposium website, our proposal submission site and a collaborative space for the committee. They have some pretty cool stuff in the makings so make sure you visit here often.

What’s next?

In keeping with our aim to deliver a very different NLS, in the next few days, you’ll have your first opportunity to input into the direction of the program. Stay tuned for details!