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Dec 202012
Enter the New Librarians' Symposium Competition

Enter the New Librarians’ Symposium Competition

Enter without knocking / New Librarian / Symposium / Competition.

Did you know you could win up to $1000 for your NLS6 travel and accommodation? The New Librarians Symposium (NLS6) is generously offering these bursaries, and the competition is being run by New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC).

How do I enter? All you need to do is express how the bursary could help you to “be different” (just like the conference theme!). Plus, if you look at the word “different” over and over again you’ll get to experience jamais vu, a phenomenon where a repeated word will begin to look alien – different different different different different different different different– and then you get to rediscover it all over again!

Terms and conditions

You can enter if you’re an ALIA personal member who has graduated from an ALIA recognised course in the past 5 years, or if you’re currently studying an ALIA recognised course. This bursary is for people who wouldn’t otherwise receive funding from their organisation to attend the conference. If you have assisted in the organisation of the conference unfortunately you’re ineligible to enter.

Some inspiration for your entry

NLS caters to attendees across the information professions – so you could make a graph of different information roles (and show where you fit into this, in a different way of course), or create a tag cloud with different role types or skills.

Of course you can explore the theme of “being different” in any way that suits you. As the format is open there are so many options – you could film your very own interpretive dance, make music by clapping books together, tweet, create a photo essay, draw something on a window with spray-on snow, pop bubble wrap to the sound of a library anthem, use your book cart to create a giant Art Attack style work by rolling the wheels in maple syrup or mow the NLS6 logo into your library’s lawn (maybe check with your boss about that one!), create a search string about difference and the conference… etcetera! Remember that you get to include a rationale for your entry in the application form, so if you create an esoteric, artistic or short tweet work, that you’ll be able to explain it. You don’t need a hashtag for tweeted entries so you have even more characters available!

Remember to confirm your entry by filling in the form! (apologies for the incorrect date on the form – you really do have till 15 January 2013 to enter).

Sample entry

Here’s a sample entry, a book spine poem on the theme of the benefit of difference. I’m not eligible to enter, but in a different universe, my entry would explain that I focused on searchlight intelligence (linking different concepts) and how to engage new audiences with library resources. Of course I would learn more about this at NLS6!

Be someone different …be yourself / be different… /

…how to think differently / unique value / be yourself little penguin / unique soul.

Book spine poem on the theme of “difference” as a sample entry

Book spine poem on the theme of “difference” as a sample entry

We’ve extended the deadline, so you now have till 15 January 2013 to enter. If you have any questions feel free to contact the New Generation Advisory Committee via @aliangac or aliangac [AT] gmail.com

Happy creating!

Sonja Barfoed, @SonjaBarfoed Committee member of ALIA NGAC @aliangac

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Nov 142012

So, you want to go to NLS6 but your organisation can’t fund you and those new shoes were just too tempting. Don’t despair…

The New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) is running a competition to win a bursary towards part of your travel and/or accommodation costs to attend the ALIA 6th New Librarians Symposium (NLS6), held in Brisbane from 9-12 February 2013.

The competition is open to presenters and non-presenters just wanting to go to for the experience. There are only two requirements – you must be a personal member of ALIA and must not have been involved in organising the symposium.

Entering is simple. Fill in the application form, write a short statement and then get creative! Use a digital format and tell us how the symposium themes or sub-themes will help you ‘be different’.

NLS6 is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the library profession, meet other new professionals and be inspired as you set out in your career.

We want lots of entries, so get thinking!

Check out the entry form for competition details.

Any questions contact Danielle or Kate at aliangac@gmail.com

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