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For speakers


NLS6 is fast approaching, and there are just a few things we’d like to remind you about.

Prior to NLS6

  • Please submit your presentation file by Thursday 7 February. To submit your files, go to http://dropitto.me/newlibrarianssymposium and enter nls6 in the password box.

Before you depart

  • Ensure you bring back-up copies of your presentation with you – just in case. Consider saving it to a USB in different formats, and maybe uploading it to SlideShare or Prezi.

On the day

  • Check in at the Speakers Desk well before your session to ensure your presentation is available and functioning.
  • If you have any unusual requirements (eg video embedded in your presentation) we recommend you make arrangements with the Speakers Desk staff to test your presentation during a break time.
  • Your session chair will meet you at your session room 10 or 15 minutes before your session. Please be there early so you have time to let them know of any special requirements you might have.
  • Relax and have fun!

On a final note, the NLS6 program has now been finalised, so please check the website to confirm the time of your session.

If you have any difficulties or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us (select Proposals/Speakers from the drop-down list).

Speaker information package

An information package is available for speakers. This package includes all the important information you need to get ready for the Symposium, as well as the Speaker agreement and copyright release form.

Key dates

Sign up for mentoring 9 November 2012
Complete and return the Speaker agreement and copyright clearance form 16 November 2012
Complete the Presentation and speaker information form 30 November 2012
Register for the Symposium 31 December 2012
Submit your presentation file 7 February 2013
Show us your awesome at the Symposium 10 and 11 February 2013
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