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NLS6 Chair – Bios


Kate Davis

Kate DavisKate is a Lecturer in Library and Information Science at the Queensland University of Technology. Her professional interests and experience relate to online collections and services management, and corporate use of social media. Although she’s not a new grad any more, as an LIS educator and veteran NLS attendee, she has a personal interest in professional development for librarians-in-the-making and recently graduated professionals. Kate was motivated to get involved in organising NLS6 because she’s keen to contribute to redeveloping the NLS model to ensure the sustainability of the event. When she’s not working, Kate likes to spend her time hanging out with her family or pursuing one of her many neglected hobbies.

Find her at katedavis.info or follow her at @katiedatwork

Vanessa Warren

Vanessa WarrenAfter long stints in academic libraries and a short burst in corporate info management, Vanessa is now an Educational Developer at Macquarie University.   In this role she supports, develops and researches digital literacies, curriculum innovation and online learning and teaching practices, and attends an inhuman number of meetings.

Giving her first ever conference presentation at NLS4 in 2008, Vanessa strongly believes in the importance and value of NLS in developing leadership, confidence and a sense of community among LIS students and new grads (and the not-so-new!), and in furthering our international reputation as some of the most innovative and passionate LIS professionals in the world.

Follow Vanessa on Twitter at @andvanessa

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