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Feb 192013

I didn’t just do my job….I did my job right       Jenica Rogers @ the final keynote of NLS6

Of all the fabulous speakers I listened to over NLS6, it is this statement by Jenica Rogers that has stayed with me in the time that has passed since the conference finished. While I am still an LIS student I also have a day job and the simplicity of this idea, of doing my job right, really struck a chord. Am I just doing my job at work and in my study? Or am I doing my work and study “right”? Upon reflection, I think there is always room for improvement. It’s a matter of being aware, of questioning the way I go about my decision making and problem solving, whether working or studying, and being honest as to whether I am doing a job I can be proud of or whether I am just going through the motions. This was definitely a consciousness raising moment for me and will continue to be so as I move forward in 2013.

There were plenty of other inspirational moments. Ellen Broad’s amazing workshop on copyright in our swiftly changing digital landscape was not just impressive because of her ability to impart gallons of relevant, thought-provoking information. It also meant I can no longer look at any image anywhere and wonder whether there is a copyright infringement happening. If that isn’t a consciousness-raising exercise then I don’t know what is. Similarly, Sue Gardner’s elegant keynote on Wikimedia and the responsibility we have as future LIS professionals to create the Wikipedia we deserve again made me reflect on how much responsibility I actually take for the circulation of information and the creation of knowledge. I returned to my day job and talked the ears off anyone who would listen about the value of Wikipedia and its underlying philosophy of social justice and access to information for all. Once again, something that hadn’t been on my radar was now front and centre. I resolved to explore the possibility of becoming a Wikipedian. Consciousness. Raised.

Apart from the speakers and their presentations there was one other aspect of NLS6 that struck me. Warmth. Now, those of you who attended will know I’m not talking about the temperature in the lecture theatres. That was icy and I was glad I took a cardigan. But the people – from the delegates, to the speakers, to the amazingly hard-working organizing committee – managed to create an atmosphere so welcoming it was almost overwhelming. Meeting and talking with people face to face, most of whom I had only interacted with online, was a privilege and a joy. And even though I’m not yet working in the LIS sector, I felt a sense of belonging that I haven’t experienced for some time. As a result I returned to my daily life resolved to work hard at my studies and to be braver in my personal and professional life. In short, at NLS6 I found the inspiration that I had been looking for to make a concerted effort to start doing things “right”.

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Jan 302013

Hi- Kate from NGAC here.  This is the story behind our $1000 bursary winner Wendy’s, trip into Pinterest.  We loved the fact that she learnt something new and pushed herself into unknown territory.  See her board here or have a look at the snapshot below.  On behalf of ALIA, NGAC and the NLS6 committee, a well deserved congratulations.

-Kate Freedman, NGAC Chair.



Pinterest Wendy?

No thank you. Not (p)interested.

That was me until late last year. I didn’t really understand what Pinterest was for. I didn’t even really bother to find out what it was about. That was until the bursary competition appeared. I don’t know what came over me but clearly I felt like I was in need of a challenge. How could I be different and creative? I needed to use my imagination. I don’t consider myself a creative person so there was a challenge right there! I looked at the suggested options and thought the least likely platform for me would be Pinterest, so that’s the one I decided to try.

You’ve got the picture. I’m a late adopter to Pinterest and wondered if I could make it work for me as a competition entry that would express my own (p)inspirations as well as how I hoped NLS6 would (p)inspire me.


Or was it?

During the last 12 months as I have continued as a student in QUT’s M. IT I have had a number of light-bulb moments that have crystallised for me what it is I’m really (p)interested in. I guess I’m one of those lifelong learners we keep hearing about with a string of degrees that I hadn’t quite managed to connect into a career plan. First there was music, then literature and cultural studies, a little bit of education and now library and information sciences. These were now morphing with my growing interest in cultural heritage and GLAM. Also, lurking in the back of my brain was the thought that somehow my involvement in community music groups here in Bundaberg where I work and live was also part of a giant puzzle that might be part of my career. If these were the things that (p)inspired me, how might I imagine them into something more real?

Well, surprising as it might seem, Pinterest helped me to do that. I pinned and re-pinned  At first I kept my competition entry board secret because how embarrassing it would be if I was actually rubbish at trying to be different, creative and imaginative. But then finally I had to be brave and make the board public. I threw caution to the wind and sent in my entry. And what was wonderful was that by the time that happened it was no longer about entering a competition. It was actually more about me gaining some insight into the (p)interests I find (p)inspiring and bringing them together in a visual form. And guess what? Forcing myself to be different had been a big part of that. I need to do that more often.

Snapshot from Imagining a different soundtrack for my career, Wendy’s Pinterest Entry

It stunned me that I won the competition. Even now, the little voice inside my brain tells me it must be a mistake and there are plenty of other more imaginative and creative people out there in the NLS6 world. I’m telling that voice to shush. I’m so looking forward to NLS6 because it will give me the rare opportunity to meet my PLN IRL as well as connecting with people who are (p)inspired by the same things as I am.

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