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Mar 122012

We’ve had a few people ask about various committee roles so we thought we’d blog about a few of the roles and how we envisage them working.

Proposals and speaker liaison

This role will involve coordinating the proposal submission and review process. This is quite a big job so we’ll need to make sure there is a great team in place to help with it. This role will also involve coordinating a mentoring program for first time presenters – basically, linking them up with someone more experienced and providing them with some resources to help them through the process from proposal to presentation. This will also be the ‘zen person’ who coordinates speakers on the day – making sure they have everything they need and generally keeping them calm and grounded. This might be a two person role, because it’s quite a big portfolio. In this role, you’ll work closely with co-chair Vanessa Warren, who will be coordinating the program.

To be successful in this role, you’ll need to be an administrative ninja with great communication skills. You’ll also need to be the kind of person who is calm under pressure and a great problem solver. Existing connections in the librarian and information field would help you set up the mentoring program, but if you don’t have those connections, confidence and being unafraid to ask people for what you need will serve you just as well.


This is an enormously important role! Securing sponsorship for NLS6 will help to ease budgetary pressures and ensure we can meet our aim of delivering an affordable professional development opportunity for new graduates. Every sponsorship dollar we secure will help us to add something to the NLS experience. In this role, you’ll work closely with co-chair Kate Davis, who’ll be coordinating the event budget.

This role needs someone who is confident enough to cold call potential sponsors, persistent enough to keep asking even when you’re not having a lot of success, and who can talk the sales talk.


A successful marketing plan will help us attract delegates to the event. In this role, you’ll develop the marketing plan, work with the marketing budget, liaise with designers, coordinate social media marketing and generally ensure that key messages about the event are consistently pushed out in the lead up. You’ll have a team to help you with all this, particularly with disseminating messages and keeping the social media buzz happening.

You’ll need to be creative, strategic and organised. You’ll also need to have strong writing skills and experience with social media.


This role is about making sure delegates have the best posible experience at NLS6. In this role, you’ll be responsible for helping delegates work out how to get to Brisbane for NLS, as well as where to stay and what to do once they’re here. You’ll do things like monitor airline sales and make sure potential NLS delegates know about them; maintain a space full of information about accommodation options and that provides an opportunity for people to connect if they want to organise home stays or accommodation sharing; facilitate information sharing about informal social events; essentially, anything that can help our delegates have a great experience.

We’re also keen to make sure NLS6 is a great value event for delegates. This means that we want to run a range of free or low cost workshops and tours the day before NLS kicks off. Your job will be to coordinate this.

Of course, you won’t have to do all of this on your own! You’ll have a team working with you. We’re also open to the idea of splitting this role in two: experience as one role, and tours and workshops as another.

If you’re interested in the experience role, you’ll probably be based in Brisbane (because you’ll need to know this city!) and you’ll be the kind of person who enjoys travel (and you won’t mind your inbox being full of alerts from airlines and accommodation providers!). Coordinating the tours and workshops will require great organisation skills and a willingness to approach potential speakers.


This one is pretty self explanatory: you’ll be a code monkey with great writing skills and a flair for producing and curating multimedia content. Our site is currently running on WordPress, so experience with WordPress would be advantageous (although you’re welcome to move the site to another CMS if you have something different in mind). You won’t be solely responsible for the site content, but you will be the one who coordinates the whole thing. This role will involve lots of liaison: you’ll work with the marketing team to make the most of social media; you’ll work on the proposal submission site; and you’ll generally come up with options for other Organising Committee members and their website needs.


This role will be really important in the couple of months before the event and during the event itself. You’ll look after volunteer recruitment, roster volunteers, troubleshoot and, essentially, keep everything ticking along. You will be an awesome communicator with great interpersonal skills and a flair for solving problems. This is an enormously important role.

Need more info?

You’re welcome to email us at nls6.alia@gmail.com if you’d like any more information. But really, we want you┬áto tell us how this Organising Committee should run. If you think of a role that’s not in our list – suggest it and express your interest! If you think a function should be managed in a different way than we’ve suggested, we’d like to hear about that, too.

All of these roles need someone to shape them. These are our thoughts about what needs to be done – it’s up to you to add your personal style, highlight what we’ve missed, and bring NLS6 to life!

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