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Jul 092012

The 6th New Librarians Symposium is going to challenge you to Be Different in more ways than one! We’re developing an action and ideas-packed program filled with a range of speakers from across the industry (and outside it), and with all levels of experience: why not be one of them?

We are very excited to announce that we have now opened the call for proposals for NLS6!

Who can submit a proposal? Anyone!

If you can see gaps or issues unaddressed in debates around our profession(s), if you have experiences or wisdom to share, if you want to connect and share ideas, we want your proposal!

I’m not a new graduate – can I still present? YES!

You don’t need to be ‘new’ to have passion, energy and drive, that’s for sure. We are increasing the balance of content between experienced and new professionals in our program, to make sure that delegates have the chance to benefit from the perspectives and experiences of recently transitioned and experienced professionals with valuable insight to share!

I am a very new graduate (or student) – would my proposal even be considered? YES!

Short years but big on ideas? NLS6 is not just about providing content for new librarians – it’s also a space for new librarians to produce and share their own! Presenting at a national symposium is amazing PD experience (not to mention CV bling), and first-time speakers will have the option of working with a mentor: why not take the plunge in the friendliest atmosphere on the national circuit?

I’m not in a ‘traditional’ library role – will my insights and questions be relevant? YES!

NLS6 is for ALL professionals (aspiring, recent, transitioning or other) from ALL corners of the profession, even – or perhaps especially –  those that don’t use the ‘L’ word. The lines are blurring as the complex and rapidly shifting library and information landscape evolves – we’d love to hear what you have to say!

What can I contribute?

We are looking at putting together a program that provokes debate, inspires action, questions assumptions, and shares experiences to arm delegates with the strategies and confidence to be different.

How you want to do this is up to you; this is why we are asking for presentation proposals, not abstracts for a paper. A paper might not be the best form for expressing your idea! Papers are very welcome of course, but don’t limit your thinking to this format; if you can see another way, go for it!

We are offering 20 or 40 minute slots (including questions) in the program. Your proposal should address one of our six sub-theme areas:

  • Inspire: opening minds, expanding horizons
  • Imagine: the future of the information professions
  • Create: creativity, innovation and risk taking
  • Lead: in our profession and beyond
  • Climb: professional development opportunities, gaps, strategies
  • Leap: diverse career options for information professionals

Sounds great!  What do I need to do?

All the nitty-gritty can be found on our official call for proposals. Any questions can be sent to proposals@newlibrarianssymposium.com.

Make sure you submit your idea by 12 August.

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