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Aug 102012

Great news – due to popular demand we have decided to extend our call for proposals by one week! In order to ensure the best program for our delegates, we are extending the call to enable all of you out there who still have ideas jumping around in your head, but just haven’t had the chance to get them down on ‘paper’ yet.

You now have until Aug 19 to submit your proposal that will inspire the next generation of information professionals.

For more information and all the details, visit the Call for proposals page on the NLS6 website. Please email proposals@newlibrarianssymposium.com with any questions.



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Aug 022012

There are many reasons to speak at NLS6:

  • experience for your CV
  • get work to fund your conference registration
  • public speaking experience
  • help getting you over the line for that job/promotion
  • professional development

Speaking at NLS6 will help you with all this, but it will also be so much more. It will be something you are proud of; it will help you meet amazing people and make ongoing connections, and you might actually find that you enjoy it!

The 4th New Librarians Symposium (2008)

NLS4 coincided with my graduation as a librarian at the end of 2008. As I had attended a graduation ceremony for a previous degree, I decided along with some classmates, to spend the money attending NLS instead of the graduation ceremony. This was a decision I did not regret.

I worked for a conference organiser as a teenager so I have seen a lot of conferences from many professions. I was not expecting NLS to be the best conference I had seen. NLS is not a high budget event, you won’t get expensive goodie bags or fireworks or free champagne all night. What you will get is the most excited and engaged people in your profession all in one room. The people you meet and listen to present at NLS will be the future leaders of the industry inAustralia, and faster than you think.

NLS4 was a fantastic learning and social initiation and by the time NLS5 rolled around I thought I could attempt to present myself.

The 5th New Librarians Symposium (2011)

But what to talk about? I didn’t feel like an expert in anything, but as Alisa explained so eloquently you don’t need to know it all to teach others something.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel if you can find a point of difference or a new perspective on an old problem. To take the pressure off I co-authored and co-presented a paper with colleagues but once I was there I realised that this was the most forgiving and interested audience. The audience wants you to succeed and wants to hear what you have to say and they will say nice things on twitter!


The 6th New Librarians’ Symposium (2013)

So what is my advice? Read the call for proposals carefully and brainstorm what you can offer that matches the theme: from work, research or personal professional experience. Talk to people about your ideas, talk to peers and mentors/managers. Get work on board if you can, if you make them see the benefit they may give you time release and/or support in your proposal.

And lastly, have fun! NLS6 isn’t a boring stuffy conference, so enjoy yourself and show your personality.  This is your future, this is an opportunity to give something back to your peers and your profession and whatever you give you will get back with interest: the professional experience and by creating a name for yourself and forging connections with the movers and shakers of Australia (and beyond)!

You have almost two weeks to get your initial proposal in.  You don’t need to have your talk perfectly planned by the 12th August, you need just up to 500 words or 3 minutes recorded to sell us the idea. What are you waiting for?!

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Jul 182012

The NLS6 proposal submission system is now open! We will be accepting proposal submissions until August 12, so it is time to get your skates on.

We need content from both first-timers and more experienced types, so if you think that you could inspire, delight and/or challenge our audience of new and emerging information professionals we need to hear from you! In case you haven’t heard, proposals can be for presentations in just about any format you can think of – your only limit is how far outside the square you can think.

For all the details, go to the Call for Proposals page on our website. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Be Different!

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Jul 092012

The 6th New Librarians Symposium is going to challenge you to Be Different in more ways than one! We’re developing an action and ideas-packed program filled with a range of speakers from across the industry (and outside it), and with all levels of experience: why not be one of them?

We are very excited to announce that we have now opened the call for proposals for NLS6!

Who can submit a proposal? Anyone!

If you can see gaps or issues unaddressed in debates around our profession(s), if you have experiences or wisdom to share, if you want to connect and share ideas, we want your proposal!

I’m not a new graduate – can I still present? YES!

You don’t need to be ‘new’ to have passion, energy and drive, that’s for sure. We are increasing the balance of content between experienced and new professionals in our program, to make sure that delegates have the chance to benefit from the perspectives and experiences of recently transitioned and experienced professionals with valuable insight to share!

I am a very new graduate (or student) – would my proposal even be considered? YES!

Short years but big on ideas? NLS6 is not just about providing content for new librarians – it’s also a space for new librarians to produce and share their own! Presenting at a national symposium is amazing PD experience (not to mention CV bling), and first-time speakers will have the option of working with a mentor: why not take the plunge in the friendliest atmosphere on the national circuit?

I’m not in a ‘traditional’ library role – will my insights and questions be relevant? YES!

NLS6 is for ALL professionals (aspiring, recent, transitioning or other) from ALL corners of the profession, even – or perhaps especially –  those that don’t use the ‘L’ word. The lines are blurring as the complex and rapidly shifting library and information landscape evolves – we’d love to hear what you have to say!

What can I contribute?

We are looking at putting together a program that provokes debate, inspires action, questions assumptions, and shares experiences to arm delegates with the strategies and confidence to be different.

How you want to do this is up to you; this is why we are asking for presentation proposals, not abstracts for a paper. A paper might not be the best form for expressing your idea! Papers are very welcome of course, but don’t limit your thinking to this format; if you can see another way, go for it!

We are offering 20 or 40 minute slots (including questions) in the program. Your proposal should address one of our six sub-theme areas:

  • Inspire: opening minds, expanding horizons
  • Imagine: the future of the information professions
  • Create: creativity, innovation and risk taking
  • Lead: in our profession and beyond
  • Climb: professional development opportunities, gaps, strategies
  • Leap: diverse career options for information professionals

Sounds great!  What do I need to do?

All the nitty-gritty can be found on our official call for proposals. Any questions can be sent to proposals@newlibrarianssymposium.com.

Make sure you submit your idea by 12 August.

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