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Feb 042013
Hi- Kate from NGAC, back again.  Our 2nd $500 runner-up winner is Rachel and below is her entry. We loved how she used her own experiences and photos to create her entry. On behalf of ALIA, NGAC and the NLS6 committee, a well deserved congratulations.

-Kate Freedman, NGAC Chair

Sliding to be different

When I first got the call that I had won a bursary to NLS6 I was busy talking with library users on all the services that libraries could offer. It was exciting to find out that I would soon get the opportunity to engage with new ideas on what other people and libraries were doing by attending the Symposium. There are so many things both libraries and the information profession have to offer library users and the world. Attending the symposium will highlight for me the importance of engaging with library users and investigating professional methods of “being different” and providing outstanding service.

In my entry I tried to capture some the ways in which attending the Symposium will help me in both a visual and personal way. I used some of my holiday snaps from around Australia and the world to demonstrate how attending the Symposium will promote the exchange of ideas and the development of new perspectives. I used Slideshare as a way to link the photos and ideas together on how “being different” can be useful for information professionals.


Dare to be different from redhenbooks

Each slide provides an insight into what I seek in attending NLS6.

In slide 2 of the presentation I used a photo of some of the Berlin Wall that is now protected by a fence. To me this photo demonstrates two competing ideas that are relevant in the modern world.

Slide 3 is a view of Paris on a wet day, it represents new ways of looking at a place or embracing new ideas helps us find beauty and relevance.

Slide 5 shows an unusual sign in Italy with people crossed out, which represents the need to engage with the community and not block them out.

Slide 6 shows the work of a street artist in London that represents harvesting creativity from those around us, through engaging people that use the library, the community and the profession.

Slide 7 shows some ruins in London that represent the past of the profession; these foundations are the story of the past and the foundation that the profession is built on today.

“Being different” is also about creating new ways in which to interact with information.

Slide 8 demonstrates new ways of presenting information with a traditional warning sign with street art on it.

In slide 10 I’m clearly excited about attending the symposium. See you there!

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