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Sep 252012

Now we’re on a roll to start sharing our excitement about our keynotes, we’d like to introduce you to our second keynote speaker, Ruth Kneale, Systems Librarian and author of You don’t look like a librarian. Ruth is excited to be visiting Australia to share her expertise in embedded librarianship, special libraries, and professional identity. She is also pretty excited to be crowd sourced to be part of NLS6.

We’re thrilled to have Ruth joining us in February 2013, to inspire us and to encourage us to ‘be different’.

Here’s what Ruth had to say when we asked her, what does it mean to you to ‘be different’?

For me, being different means always challenging people’s expectations about what it is to be a librarian – attempting to change the stereotype in any way I can! It also means being proactive, rather than reactive, and never letting someone’s preconceived notions about what a librarian can or can’t do stop me from pushing boundaries.

Check out Ruth’s blog, read her book and follow her on Twitter (you’ll find her online @desertlibrarian), so you can start to think up all the questions you want to ask her.

Ruth, we’re really looking forward to having you join us in February 2013 at NLS6.


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Sep 192012

Amidst the calls for proposals and reviewers, partnering with sponsors, and arranging accommodation deals, the organising committee has also been getting very excited about confirming our keynote speaker line-up. Now that September is here, we can *officially* share our excitement by revealing our first keynote speaker for NLS6.

Drum roll please… We’re excited to present…

Associate Professor Marcus Foth, Founder and Director of the Urban Informatics Research Lab, and Principal Research Fellow in the School of Design of the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology.

We’re thrilled to have Marcus joining us in February 2013, to inspire us and to encourage us to be different. In fact, we even asked Marcus, What does it mean to you to ‘be different’?  His response:

When everyone walks in the one (research) direction, it is sometimes useful to identify the opportunities of walking in the other direction and take the road less travelled. Innovative research is inherently risky, so the exploratory nature of this approach requires some confidence to “be different”. For instance, in the early 2000s when lots of commentators were still heralding the “death of distance” and touting the global information superhighway, e-commerce, telework and distant education, we started to look at the continuing importance of place and local communities. And these days when a lot of attention is (rightly) focussed on digitisation of everything (books, music, knowledge), we are exploring digital fabrication, that is, turning bits back into atoms.

Your job now is to start following Marcus on Twitter, you’ll find him online @sunday9pm, check out some of the projects that the Urban Informatics Research Lab have undertaken, and start thinking about all the questions you want to ask him (yes, you will get the chance!).

Marcus, we are supremely excited that you are joining us at NLS6.

Marcus Foth


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Aug 102012

Great news – due to popular demand we have decided to extend our call for proposals by one week! In order to ensure the best program for our delegates, we are extending the call to enable all of you out there who still have ideas jumping around in your head, but just haven’t had the chance to get them down on ‘paper’ yet.

You now have until Aug 19 to submit your proposal that will inspire the next generation of information professionals.

For more information and all the details, visit the Call for proposals page on the NLS6 website. Please email proposals@newlibrarianssymposium.com with any questions.



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Jul 182012

The NLS6 proposal submission system is now open! We will be accepting proposal submissions until August 12, so it is time to get your skates on.

We need content from both first-timers and more experienced types, so if you think that you could inspire, delight and/or challenge our audience of new and emerging information professionals we need to hear from you! In case you haven’t heard, proposals can be for presentations in just about any format you can think of – your only limit is how far outside the square you can think.

For all the details, go to the Call for Proposals page on our website. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Be Different!

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Jun 052012

We asked for your ideas, and did you ever give them to us! On the blog and on Twitter, your passion and energy (not to mention your smarts!) came through loud and clear. Not only that, the huge range of thoughtful and creative responses showed just how diverse and hungry this demographic is – hungry to be inspired, empowered, challenged and entertained. This is exactly what we want NLS6 to do for you.

So, what’s happening with all those ideas?

We nabbed every blog and Twitter response (even the tongue-in-cheek ones!) and noticed some pretty strong themes emerging. The NLS mainstays – professional skills, strategies and pathways now, and in the future – came back again and again, as well as some delicious thoughts around creativity, empowerment, and living/working/thinking at the cutting edge. Not only that, you came up with some great suggestions for specific speakers. Local heroes, international superstars, movers and shakers from all corners of the profession, and outside it; I want to invite them ALL to the NLS6 party!

Unfortunately, we now reach the hard part.

One of the big jobs for the organising committee over the next few weeks will be refining this list of awesome into a targeted, exciting, program that will bring something different to the table, and set your minds (and Twitter feeds!) alight.

Watch this space for more updates as they emerge. We tagged the call for ideas #mynls6 for a reason: this event is for you, and we will be looking for your direct input and feedback every step of the way. Stay loud. Stay opinionated. Most of all, stay passionate.


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May 162012

One of the very first tasks for the NLS6 Organising Committee is locking in a range of awesome keynote speakers.

But in keeping with our Be different theme, we want to take a different approach to selecting speakers for keynote presentations and participants for panels.

This time round, we want you guys – the delegates-to-be – to tell us what you want to hear about and who you want to hear from.

We encourage you to think differently:

  • Think beyond the L in LIS. What’s happening in the broader information profession?
  • Think beyond the obvious three. It’s not just about academic, public and special libraries. Who inspires you in school libraries? Research libraries? Non-traditional library roles?
  • Think beyond a lecture. Our ‘keynote’ sessions don’t have to be traditional keynotes. Want to hear different people on the same topic? Suggest a panel, debate, or round of lightening talk keynotes.

You can suggest topics or people – we’re open to both.

Although we can’t promise stacks of big names from overseas, don’t limit your thinking at this point. As well as having people present in person at NLS6, we’re open to bringing some keynote presenters in virtually.

So let’s get a discussion going! Tell us what you think, either in the comments here, or by tweeting with the hashtag #mynls6. Have your say by COB Friday 25 May.

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May 142012

The NLS6 Organising Committee met last week to kick off our planning. Here’s what we’re working on at the moment.

Budget and administration

Venues, catering and contracts are being locked down. We’ve been balancing the books to bring you the best possible symposium experience at the lowest possible cost. NLS6 will not cost you the earth, but we will have an earth-shattering program!


Jess and Fiona are looking after the Proposals and Speaker Liaison crew, who are busily preparing a draft call for contributions and working to refine the program model. We have something seriously different in store for you. Start thinking about what you might like to contribute to the NLS6 program!


The Experience team, lead by Alisa and Michelle, are working out the nitty gritty of how they can help you to have a smooth experience as you prepare for your trip to Brisbane, and an awesome time once you get here. They’re going to be bringing you helpful travel information, tips and advice. And they’re also putting together a range of free workshops for NLS6 delegates that will take place the day before the symposium kicks off.


Our Marketing lead Karina is working hard on a marketing plan for the event. She’ll be the one making sure we have good visibility so we can attract a wide range of delegates from different parts of the information professions.


Zaana is working on our sponsorship prospectus and will soon be talking to organisations who’ve already expressed an interest in supporting NLS6.


Our self-proclaimed web monkey Matthias and his co-chair Lisa are working on the symposium website, our proposal submission site and a collaborative space for the committee. They have some pretty cool stuff in the makings so make sure you visit here often.

What’s next?

In keeping with our aim to deliver a very different NLS, in the next few days, you’ll have your first opportunity to input into the direction of the program. Stay tuned for details!