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Jan 242013

Let me give it to you straight, Brisbane in February is hot, sometimes really hot and possibly even hot and stormy. But the one constant is the heat. There are some who love nothing better than lying in the summer sun, and while I admire their sunbaking stamina (while hoping they are using SPF30) I prefer to seek out the cool. One of the finest places in Brisbane to keep cool is Southbank, a 10 minute walk from the NLS6 venue, where you can keep cool swimming, having a coffee or soaking up some culture. So at the risk of this post sounding like a Tourism Australia ad, here are some of the best things about Southbank in the summer.

It’s got a beach! Okay, so the beach is man made, but it is still a very nice public lagoon overlooking the Brisbane River. If you squint a little or maybe buy tinted sunnies to change the brown colour of the river to blue you could be in the Maldives. Perhaps. At the very least you will be at a lovely, free, sparkling blue lagoon with lots of shady picnic and BBQ spots surrounding it.

It’s got culture! Including a library(!) and not just any old library, but a truly magnificent one. SLQ is a great spot to keep cool, check out some amazing exhibitions or take advantage of free Wi-Fi. In fact, lining the Brisbane river you can find SLQ, the Queensland Museum, Queensland Art Gallery and GOMA. All right next to each other and all air-conditioned. Wandering in and out of museums, libraries and galleries is a great way to keep cool and see some of Queensland’s cultural heritage.

It’s got food! And drinks too. Southbank has a range of cafes, restaurants and pubs, as well as places to purchase mandatory holiday ice-creams. If you are looking for somewhere to grab a coffee or have a three-course meal then Southbank has you covered and you can spend from a little or a lot to do so.

It’s got movies! Nothing like a darkened cinema and a tub of popcorn when you really want to cool off. For those of us on a budget these cinemas are cheap as well, with ticket prices under $10.

It’s beautiful! It is a really, really pretty precinct to wander around especially in the evening when the mercury falls. There are lots of scenic running tracks if you are feeling energetic or you can just amble by the river and get a good look at the city.  Southbank is the kind of place where you can spend an hour, an evening or a whole day. In fact in the evenings following the official NLS6 program, Southbank is ideal and easy to get to by popping over the Goodwill Bridge and have a few coldies with those you’ll meet.

So in the spirit of the cheesy tourist speak that has littered this post I think during NLS6 when your fellow delegates tweet to find out “Where the bloody hell are you?”, the answer will be easy – Southbank.

For more information, check out the websites listed in the pocket guide developed by the Experience team. Check out ideas for things to do in and around Brisbane, where to find wi-fi and look for the closest pharmacy to your accommodation for those emergency band aids. Download your copy.

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