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Feb 042013
Hi- Kate from NGAC, back again.  Our 2nd $500 runner-up winner is Rachel and below is her entry. We loved how she used her own experiences and photos to create her entry. On behalf of ALIA, NGAC and the NLS6 committee, a well deserved congratulations.

-Kate Freedman, NGAC Chair

Sliding to be different

When I first got the call that I had won a bursary to NLS6 I was busy talking with library users on all the services that libraries could offer. It was exciting to find out that I would soon get the opportunity to engage with new ideas on what other people and libraries were doing by attending the Symposium. There are so many things both libraries and the information profession have to offer library users and the world. Attending the symposium will highlight for me the importance of engaging with library users and investigating professional methods of “being different” and providing outstanding service.

In my entry I tried to capture some the ways in which attending the Symposium will help me in both a visual and personal way. I used some of my holiday snaps from around Australia and the world to demonstrate how attending the Symposium will promote the exchange of ideas and the development of new perspectives. I used Slideshare as a way to link the photos and ideas together on how “being different” can be useful for information professionals.


Dare to be different from redhenbooks

Each slide provides an insight into what I seek in attending NLS6.

In slide 2 of the presentation I used a photo of some of the Berlin Wall that is now protected by a fence. To me this photo demonstrates two competing ideas that are relevant in the modern world.

Slide 3 is a view of Paris on a wet day, it represents new ways of looking at a place or embracing new ideas helps us find beauty and relevance.

Slide 5 shows an unusual sign in Italy with people crossed out, which represents the need to engage with the community and not block them out.

Slide 6 shows the work of a street artist in London that represents harvesting creativity from those around us, through engaging people that use the library, the community and the profession.

Slide 7 shows some ruins in London that represent the past of the profession; these foundations are the story of the past and the foundation that the profession is built on today.

“Being different” is also about creating new ways in which to interact with information.

Slide 8 demonstrates new ways of presenting information with a traditional warning sign with street art on it.

In slide 10 I’m clearly excited about attending the symposium. See you there!

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Jan 312013

Hi- Kate from NGAC here.  Today we introduce Emily, and her $500 runner-up winning entry.  We loved her creativity and sense of humour.  Have a look below at her entry- we think she should invent a real (drinkable) version!  On behalf of ALIA, NGAC and the NLS6 committee, a well deserved congratulations.

-Kate Freedman, NGAC Chair.

 Here’s to the Symposium

When I initially saw the call for entries to NGAC’s travel bursary competition I was hesitant. My student brain was in full holiday swing and the thought of creatively responding to the theme ‘be different’ was daunting, I promptly forgot about it. Sometime later I saw a reminder and with impending car registration the idea of financial aid of any kind was very appealing. Nothing I thought of seemed particularly inspired or “different”. The evening following I happened to be spending the night with three close friends (my pseudo housemates). Between discussing my upcoming trip and their good humoured mocking of my insistence in calling it a ‘Symposium’ we found ourselves on Wikipedia (the final, if not somewhat iffy destination of many a modern discussion). To our delight we discovered that in Ancient Greece a Symposium was, among other things, a drinking party! It was from this that my idea evolved… I would create a cocktail, the unofficial beverage of the NLS6!



Although creating a cocktail was rather a light-hearted approach to the competition it enabled me to allude to key elements of the upcoming NLS6, especially the coming together of individuals to share ideas and inspire one another to move forward into the future of librarianship, consequently the Symposium is still to this day like a drinking party (albeit with less alcohol…). As individuals we come together and share a little part of ourselves with one another. Through the Symposium this sharing will encourage and inspire us to move forward, to take what we learned, combine it creatively with our own unique approaches and as a result we will ‘be different’.

As a student relatively new to the information profession (I’m just about to commence my second semester of a Master of Information Management) I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to attend an event full of individuals who care about the information profession, who understand the industry and who are willing to engage with others in looking optimistically towards the future. I hope to learn more about what the future might look like for librarians and what my individual role in that future may be. I am eager to hear stories of the different approaches to embrace the information chaos of the modern world. I want to learn from others, and through learning from others I hope and trust that I will in turn be inspired to ‘be different’.

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Jan 302013

Hi- Kate from NGAC here.  This is the story behind our $1000 bursary winner Wendy’s, trip into Pinterest.  We loved the fact that she learnt something new and pushed herself into unknown territory.  See her board here or have a look at the snapshot below.  On behalf of ALIA, NGAC and the NLS6 committee, a well deserved congratulations.

-Kate Freedman, NGAC Chair.



Pinterest Wendy?

No thank you. Not (p)interested.

That was me until late last year. I didn’t really understand what Pinterest was for. I didn’t even really bother to find out what it was about. That was until the bursary competition appeared. I don’t know what came over me but clearly I felt like I was in need of a challenge. How could I be different and creative? I needed to use my imagination. I don’t consider myself a creative person so there was a challenge right there! I looked at the suggested options and thought the least likely platform for me would be Pinterest, so that’s the one I decided to try.

You’ve got the picture. I’m a late adopter to Pinterest and wondered if I could make it work for me as a competition entry that would express my own (p)inspirations as well as how I hoped NLS6 would (p)inspire me.


Or was it?

During the last 12 months as I have continued as a student in QUT’s M. IT I have had a number of light-bulb moments that have crystallised for me what it is I’m really (p)interested in. I guess I’m one of those lifelong learners we keep hearing about with a string of degrees that I hadn’t quite managed to connect into a career plan. First there was music, then literature and cultural studies, a little bit of education and now library and information sciences. These were now morphing with my growing interest in cultural heritage and GLAM. Also, lurking in the back of my brain was the thought that somehow my involvement in community music groups here in Bundaberg where I work and live was also part of a giant puzzle that might be part of my career. If these were the things that (p)inspired me, how might I imagine them into something more real?

Well, surprising as it might seem, Pinterest helped me to do that. I pinned and re-pinned  At first I kept my competition entry board secret because how embarrassing it would be if I was actually rubbish at trying to be different, creative and imaginative. But then finally I had to be brave and make the board public. I threw caution to the wind and sent in my entry. And what was wonderful was that by the time that happened it was no longer about entering a competition. It was actually more about me gaining some insight into the (p)interests I find (p)inspiring and bringing them together in a visual form. And guess what? Forcing myself to be different had been a big part of that. I need to do that more often.

Snapshot from Imagining a different soundtrack for my career, Wendy’s Pinterest Entry

It stunned me that I won the competition. Even now, the little voice inside my brain tells me it must be a mistake and there are plenty of other more imaginative and creative people out there in the NLS6 world. I’m telling that voice to shush. I’m so looking forward to NLS6 because it will give me the rare opportunity to meet my PLN IRL as well as connecting with people who are (p)inspired by the same things as I am.

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Jan 122013

1/2/3/ Days like these / Happy Days.

NGAC book spine poem

There’s only 1-2-3 days left to enter our competition to win up to $1000 for your NLS6 travel and accommodation!

Did you see our last post which had an example entry using a book spine poem? Missed it? We’re shocked! Refresh your mind and spark your creativity by re-reading the post and then quickly get entering!

Enter by expressing how the bursary would help you to  “be different”. Remember to check out the terms and conditions below.

These funds are generously offered by the New Librarians Symposium (NLS6), and the competition is being run by New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC).

Terms and conditions

You can enter if you’re an ALIA personal member who has graduated from an ALIA recognised course in the past 5 years, or if you’re currently studying an ALIA recognised course. This bursary is for people who wouldn’t otherwise receive funding from their organisation to attend the conference. If you have assisted in the organisation of the conference unfortunately you’re ineligible to enter.

Remember to confirm your entry by filling in the form! (apologies for the incorrect date on the form – you really do have till 15 January 2013 to enter).

Extended deadline

The extended deadline gives you till 15 January 2013 to enter. If you have any questions feel free to contact the New Generation Advisory Committee via @aliangac or aliangac [AT] gmail.com

Happy creating!

Sonja Barfoed, @SonjaBarfoed and Danielle Johanesen, @librarynerdD Committee members of ALIA NGAC @aliangac

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Dec 242012

Sometimes there are opportunities for you to ‘give back’ to your profession.  It might be volunteering your time and expertise on a committee or a board, it might be mentoring a colleague, it might mean attending an event or just sharing the experience.

In late November, fellow senior professionals from the Brisbane region along with accompanying new professionals shared in a special anniversary, celebrating with a small gathering on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the ALIA New Librarian’s Symposium (the first was held 6-7 December 2002).

The generous donations from that evening has meant that we have been able to fund three registration scholarships for NLS6 in February 2013 for self-funding delegates (through the ALIA Queensland Group).

I encourage you all to be generous to the profession whenever you can.  I am very much looking forward to meeting NLS6 delegates in beautiful Brisbane very soon.

Sue Hutley  @suehutley
1st NLS Convenor

….and so after much deliberation, the panel couldn’t decide on just three so we managed to squeeze in four deserving recipients of these registration scholarships. The winners are:

  • Lyndelle Gunton
  • Julie Rankin
  • Tegan Darnell
  • Ashleigh McKergow

Winners will be contacted by the committee chairs in the next few days to make arrangements.

Congratulations to these lucky ducks! And many thanks to all those who applied. We know it’s sometimes tough to self-fund to conferences and the like, however you only need to see the program and workshops on offer to know that this New Librarians’ Symposium is insanely value for money. How often do you get this good of a deal? Think of this as an investment, make the most of the experience and continue building yourself as an information professional.

Save yourself some $$, buy yourself that well-deserved end of year pressie and invest in your future before early bird registrations close at the end of December!

Dec 202012
Enter the New Librarians' Symposium Competition

Enter the New Librarians’ Symposium Competition

Enter without knocking / New Librarian / Symposium / Competition.

Did you know you could win up to $1000 for your NLS6 travel and accommodation? The New Librarians Symposium (NLS6) is generously offering these bursaries, and the competition is being run by New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC).

How do I enter? All you need to do is express how the bursary could help you to “be different” (just like the conference theme!). Plus, if you look at the word “different” over and over again you’ll get to experience jamais vu, a phenomenon where a repeated word will begin to look alien – different different different different different different different different– and then you get to rediscover it all over again!

Terms and conditions

You can enter if you’re an ALIA personal member who has graduated from an ALIA recognised course in the past 5 years, or if you’re currently studying an ALIA recognised course. This bursary is for people who wouldn’t otherwise receive funding from their organisation to attend the conference. If you have assisted in the organisation of the conference unfortunately you’re ineligible to enter.

Some inspiration for your entry

NLS caters to attendees across the information professions – so you could make a graph of different information roles (and show where you fit into this, in a different way of course), or create a tag cloud with different role types or skills.

Of course you can explore the theme of “being different” in any way that suits you. As the format is open there are so many options – you could film your very own interpretive dance, make music by clapping books together, tweet, create a photo essay, draw something on a window with spray-on snow, pop bubble wrap to the sound of a library anthem, use your book cart to create a giant Art Attack style work by rolling the wheels in maple syrup or mow the NLS6 logo into your library’s lawn (maybe check with your boss about that one!), create a search string about difference and the conference… etcetera! Remember that you get to include a rationale for your entry in the application form, so if you create an esoteric, artistic or short tweet work, that you’ll be able to explain it. You don’t need a hashtag for tweeted entries so you have even more characters available!

Remember to confirm your entry by filling in the form! (apologies for the incorrect date on the form – you really do have till 15 January 2013 to enter).

Sample entry

Here’s a sample entry, a book spine poem on the theme of the benefit of difference. I’m not eligible to enter, but in a different universe, my entry would explain that I focused on searchlight intelligence (linking different concepts) and how to engage new audiences with library resources. Of course I would learn more about this at NLS6!

Be someone different …be yourself / be different… /

…how to think differently / unique value / be yourself little penguin / unique soul.

Book spine poem on the theme of “difference” as a sample entry

Book spine poem on the theme of “difference” as a sample entry

We’ve extended the deadline, so you now have till 15 January 2013 to enter. If you have any questions feel free to contact the New Generation Advisory Committee via @aliangac or aliangac [AT] gmail.com

Happy creating!

Sonja Barfoed, @SonjaBarfoed Committee member of ALIA NGAC @aliangac

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Dec 182012

With so many thoughtful, creative and heartfelt entries for our $200AUD registration bursary, we’ve found it a real challenge to pick only three winners. Thank you to the anonymous donor who made these bursaries possible, and significantly helped three students come to NLS6. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Here are the winning statements*.

I need to attend NLS6 because …

  • 2013 is my year to be different.
  • it is simply the best opportunity for a distance student nearing graduation to network with peers, potential employers and mentors. NLS6 is looking to be a highlight of my 18 months study, and the milestone at the start of my career as a professional librarian.
  • this is the opportunity for me to kick-start my career. I want to make a career for myself and feel that NLS6 offers me a chance to learn, motivate, innovate and strive to achieve rewarding employment.

Our winners* are :

  • Anna Rotar
  • Anton Angelo
  • Elizabeth Wilcox

Congratulations. We look forward to seeing the three of you in Brisbane at NLS6 in February 2013.

If you missed out on these bursaries, don’t forget that there are still other bursaries available, as listed in our earlier blog post.

* Please note, statements and winners’ names are not necessarily listed in matching order.

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Dec 032012

Are you a student who wants to go to NLS6? Will a bursary for registration costs make a real difference for you?

We’ve got great news! An anonymous donor has generously offered three $200AUD bursaries to make NLS6 accessible for students who might not otherwise be able to make it to Brisbane in 2013.

Entry is simple.

You must finish the statement – “I need to attend NLS6 because …”

Send your answers to helpanlsstudent@gmail.com

Answers must be submitted by midday (AEST – Brisbane) Friday 14 December 2012. Winners announced Tuesday 18 December 2012.

Conditions are simple.

You must be studying towards a LIS qualification – either part-time or full-time.
You must tell us where you are studying.
You agree that your statement can be published (anonymously) on our website.

Winning is simple.

A panel will decide on the three statements to win.
Each winner will receive $200AUD towards their registration costs.
If you have already registered for NLS6, we’ll reimburse you $200AUD if you win.

Want to help others to get to NLS6?

These bursaries have been made possible through the generosity of one anonymous donor. If you want to follow their lead, contact the NLS6 Marketing Team to discuss ways you can contribute towards getting your colleagues and students to NLS6. Email us on nls6@newlibrarianssymposium.com

Nov 142012

So, you want to go to NLS6 but your organisation can’t fund you and those new shoes were just too tempting. Don’t despair…

The New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) is running a competition to win a bursary towards part of your travel and/or accommodation costs to attend the ALIA 6th New Librarians Symposium (NLS6), held in Brisbane from 9-12 February 2013.

The competition is open to presenters and non-presenters just wanting to go to for the experience. There are only two requirements – you must be a personal member of ALIA and must not have been involved in organising the symposium.

Entering is simple. Fill in the application form, write a short statement and then get creative! Use a digital format and tell us how the symposium themes or sub-themes will help you ‘be different’.

NLS6 is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the library profession, meet other new professionals and be inspired as you set out in your career.

We want lots of entries, so get thinking!

Check out the entry form for competition details.

Any questions contact Danielle or Kate at aliangac@gmail.com

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