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Homestay info and tips


Who is this system for?

1. Someone who lives in Brisbane, has a spare room, and is willing to host an NLS6 delegate during the symposium

2. Someone who is attending NLS6, does not live in Brisbane, and is looking for a spare room

3. Someone who is attending NLS6, is planning to stay in a holiday apartment or hotel, and is looking for a flatmate to share accommodation and costs

Why should you participate?

Maximise your experience by keeping your costs down. Finding a flatmate or homestay host is a great way to save money and get the most out of NLS6.

But other than saving money, is there any other reason to participate? Well how about networking? Yes – networking – what better way to learn about life in other libraries, than by discussing it with your new colleague over a cup of coffee as you prepare to head off for an amazing day at the symposium? And in the evening, you’ll have someone to talk to about all that you have learned, seen, and done, without boring your long-suffering partner or your hotel’s busy front desk staff.

With an open mind and a bit of common sense, you should be able to find a suitable flatmate or homestay partner and keep your costs down, while making a new professional connection.

The quality of this system depends on you.

The purpose of the classifieds system is to simply provide a space where delegates can connect for the purposes of sharing accommodation. Because the NLS6 committee is not involved in the actual connections or transactions between delegates, your success depends on you.

You may want to establish some basic agreed understandings right from the get go. And, if things don’t work out with your flatmate, host, or guest, what will you do? It is always better to have a plan worked out in advance. Be prepared to talk frankly with your flatmate or homestay partner if things do go wrong.

All websites get annoying scammers.

We all know not to give money to people claiming to be Nigerian princes – but some scammers are not as obvious. Scammers can be male or female and they can have a nice photo.

  • Don’t send money without doing your homework first.

Talk to each other and before any money changes hands, do a bit of investigating. Is this person on LinkedIn? Do you have any mutual acquaintances? Is the accommodation reasonably close to convenient transport options?

  • Don’t provide unnecessary personal details to strangers.

What information are you comfortable sharing? Check out the Australian Government’s identity theft website for more information.

  • If it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t.

Trust your instincts. You have them for a reason.

Advertisements can be removed without notice.

The New Librarians’ Symposium committee reserves the right to remove any advertisement that we feel is irrelevant, inappropriate or offensive in any way. While we aim to remove offensive or inappropriate advertisements right away, there may be a delay between when an offensive post appears on the site and when it is removed.


If you have any questions about the program please contact us.

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