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Dec 242012

Sometimes there are opportunities for you to ‘give back’ to your profession.  It might be volunteering your time and expertise on a committee or a board, it might be mentoring a colleague, it might mean attending an event or just sharing the experience.

In late November, fellow senior professionals from the Brisbane region along with accompanying new professionals shared in a special anniversary, celebrating with a small gathering on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the ALIA New Librarian’s Symposium (the first was held 6-7 December 2002).

The generous donations from that evening has meant that we have been able to fund three registration scholarships for NLS6 in February 2013 for self-funding delegates (through the ALIA Queensland Group).

I encourage you all to be generous to the profession whenever you can.  I am very much looking forward to meeting NLS6 delegates in beautiful Brisbane very soon.

Sue Hutley  @suehutley
1st NLS Convenor

….and so after much deliberation, the panel couldn’t decide on just three so we managed to squeeze in four deserving recipients of these registration scholarships. The winners are:

  • Lyndelle Gunton
  • Julie Rankin
  • Tegan Darnell
  • Ashleigh McKergow

Winners will be contacted by the committee chairs in the next few days to make arrangements.

Congratulations to these lucky ducks! And many thanks to all those who applied. We know it’s sometimes tough to self-fund to conferences and the like, however you only need to see the program and workshops on offer to know that this New Librarians’ Symposium is insanely value for money. How often do you get this good of a deal? Think of this as an investment, make the most of the experience and continue building yourself as an information professional.

Save yourself some $$, buy yourself that well-deserved end of year pressie and invest in your future before early bird registrations close at the end of December!

Dec 212012

There’s only 10 days to go until NLS6 Early Bird Registration closes on Monday 31 December 2012.

With only 10 days left until Early Bird Registration, and only a few days left until Christmas day, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t forget to register for NLS6 amidst all the busy-ness over the coming days.

Join us in Brisbane, Queensland for NLS6 in February 2013.

This ALIA New Graduates event, with discount prices for students and ALIA members, only takes place every two years.

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other students, network with new graduates, collaborate with your peers, and connect with emerging leaders in the LIS profession.

  • Saturday 9th February is filled with an exciting array of workshops.
  • Sunday 10th and Monday 11th February are packed with inspiring keynote speakers and presenters.
  • Tuesday 12th February is your chance to explore the ALIA Info Online Trade Exhibition.

Click here to get your NLS6 registration underway.

NLS6 Early Bird Registrations close on 31 December 2012. Don’t miss out!

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Dec 182012

With so many thoughtful, creative and heartfelt entries for our $200AUD registration bursary, we’ve found it a real challenge to pick only three winners. Thank you to the anonymous donor who made these bursaries possible, and significantly helped three students come to NLS6. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Here are the winning statements*.

I need to attend NLS6 because …

  • 2013 is my year to be different.
  • it is simply the best opportunity for a distance student nearing graduation to network with peers, potential employers and mentors. NLS6 is looking to be a highlight of my 18 months study, and the milestone at the start of my career as a professional librarian.
  • this is the opportunity for me to kick-start my career. I want to make a career for myself and feel that NLS6 offers me a chance to learn, motivate, innovate and strive to achieve rewarding employment.

Our winners* are :

  • Anna Rotar
  • Anton Angelo
  • Elizabeth Wilcox

Congratulations. We look forward to seeing the three of you in Brisbane at NLS6 in February 2013.

If you missed out on these bursaries, don’t forget that there are still other bursaries available, as listed in our earlier blog post.

* Please note, statements and winners’ names are not necessarily listed in matching order.

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Nov 292012

We’ve been getting a few questions about registration, so we thought we’d answer the common ones in a post. Here goes!

Are the workshops included in my registration?

One half day workshop is included in your registration. You can upgrade to a full day workshop, add a second half day workshop, and add lunch for a small charge.

How do I tell you which workshop I want to go to?

You nominate which half day workshop you’d like to attend (or tell us you’d rather do a full day workshop) through the registration form. You can also add an additional workshop through the registration form.

Where have you hidden the workshop program?

You can access the workshop program from the Program page – you just need to choose “Workshops” from the “Symposium” drop down menu. Or go straight there with this handy link!

Is the BBQ included in the cost of my registration?

BBQ tickets are not included in your registration ticket, but at $15, it’s a bargain and an essential addition to your registration. You can purchase a BBQ ticket when you register for the Symposium.

Is food provided on the workshop day (Saturday)?

Morning tea or afternoon tea is included for half day workshops.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is included for full day workshops.

If you’re attending one or two half day workshops, you can opt to have lunch with us. You’ll need to pre-purchase lunch when you register. If you’re doing two half day workshops, we highly recommend you join us for lunch as there won’t be anything open on campus.

Is food provided on the Symposium days (Sunday and Monday)?

It sure is! Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is included on both days. To take advantage of the amazing weather we’re sure to have, we’ll be providing you with a boxed lunch so you can have a picnic in the nearby botanic gardens.

I’m a LIANZA member. Can I pay the ALIA Member registration rate?

Yes! LIANZA members are entitled to the ALIA Member registration rate.

Do I get a discount if I register for both NLS6 and Information Online?

We’ve worked hard to keep the cost of NLS6 as low as possible. Unfortunately this means we can’t offer you a discount for registering for both NLS and Information Online.

Is there a discounted registration rate for speakers?

We are offering speakers a complimentary BBQ ticket and a free upgrade to a full day workshop or a free ticket to a second half day workshop (plus lunch on the workshop day). To take advantage of this, please make sure you choose the Speaker rate when you register.

Is there a day registration option?

We have such an awesome event in store for you, we know you’d be disappointed if you missed half the program! We’re not offering one day registrations because the costs involved in a one day ticket mean we can’t offer them at a rate that we think is good value.

Our organisation wants to send a whole bunch of people. Is there a discount for bulk registrations?

We love your commitment to the professional development of your staff! Email us at events@alia.org.au or give us a call on 02 6215 8222 to discuss how we can help you get as many of your staff to the event as possible.

My organisation budgets on a calendar year cycle and we are not in a position to register until January. What should we do?

If you are looking to register multiple staff members but you cannot commit your budget until January, we suggest you get in touch with us to discuss your registration needs. Email us at events@alia.org.au or give us a call on 02 6215 8222.

I haven’t registered yet because there are all these bursaries available. Is it safe to wait til the winners are announced?

We strongly recommend you register early. If you win one of the many bursaries on offer, we will work with you and the provider of the bursary to refund your registration if necessary.

Do I need to rush to get my registration in?

We have a cap on attendance numbers for NLS6 – past a certain point, we simply won’t be able to accommodate any more delegates. We strongly recommend you book early to avoid disappointment.

Will Early Bird registrations be extended?

When we opened registration, we stretched out the closing date for Early Bird registrations as far as possible. Due to the logistics involved in running an event so early in the year, we cannot extend the closing date for Early Bird registrations. And we do not want you to have to pay the full registration rate – so get in before 31 December!

I’m having trouble with this registration form. Can you help me?

Yes, we can! Simply email us at events@alia.org.au or give us a call on 02 6215 8222.

All my questions are answered! Except… Where do I sign up?

Head over to our registration page and secure your ticket now.

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