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Jan 302013

Hi- Kate from NGAC here.  This is the story behind our $1000 bursary winner Wendy’s, trip into Pinterest.  We loved the fact that she learnt something new and pushed herself into unknown territory.  See her board here or have a look at the snapshot below.  On behalf of ALIA, NGAC and the NLS6 committee, a well deserved congratulations.

-Kate Freedman, NGAC Chair.



Pinterest Wendy?

No thank you. Not (p)interested.

That was me until late last year. I didn’t really understand what Pinterest was for. I didn’t even really bother to find out what it was about. That was until the bursary competition appeared. I don’t know what came over me but clearly I felt like I was in need of a challenge. How could I be different and creative? I needed to use my imagination. I don’t consider myself a creative person so there was a challenge right there! I looked at the suggested options and thought the least likely platform for me would be Pinterest, so that’s the one I decided to try.

You’ve got the picture. I’m a late adopter to Pinterest and wondered if I could make it work for me as a competition entry that would express my own (p)inspirations as well as how I hoped NLS6 would (p)inspire me.


Or was it?

During the last 12 months as I have continued as a student in QUT’s M. IT I have had a number of light-bulb moments that have crystallised for me what it is I’m really (p)interested in. I guess I’m one of those lifelong learners we keep hearing about with a string of degrees that I hadn’t quite managed to connect into a career plan. First there was music, then literature and cultural studies, a little bit of education and now library and information sciences. These were now morphing with my growing interest in cultural heritage and GLAM. Also, lurking in the back of my brain was the thought that somehow my involvement in community music groups here in Bundaberg where I work and live was also part of a giant puzzle that might be part of my career. If these were the things that (p)inspired me, how might I imagine them into something more real?

Well, surprising as it might seem, Pinterest helped me to do that. I pinned and re-pinned  At first I kept my competition entry board secret because how embarrassing it would be if I was actually rubbish at trying to be different, creative and imaginative. But then finally I had to be brave and make the board public. I threw caution to the wind and sent in my entry. And what was wonderful was that by the time that happened it was no longer about entering a competition. It was actually more about me gaining some insight into the (p)interests I find (p)inspiring and bringing them together in a visual form. And guess what? Forcing myself to be different had been a big part of that. I need to do that more often.

Snapshot from Imagining a different soundtrack for my career, Wendy’s Pinterest Entry

It stunned me that I won the competition. Even now, the little voice inside my brain tells me it must be a mistake and there are plenty of other more imaginative and creative people out there in the NLS6 world. I’m telling that voice to shush. I’m so looking forward to NLS6 because it will give me the rare opportunity to meet my PLN IRL as well as connecting with people who are (p)inspired by the same things as I am.

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Dec 242012

Sometimes there are opportunities for you to ‘give back’ to your profession.  It might be volunteering your time and expertise on a committee or a board, it might be mentoring a colleague, it might mean attending an event or just sharing the experience.

In late November, fellow senior professionals from the Brisbane region along with accompanying new professionals shared in a special anniversary, celebrating with a small gathering on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the ALIA New Librarian’s Symposium (the first was held 6-7 December 2002).

The generous donations from that evening has meant that we have been able to fund three registration scholarships for NLS6 in February 2013 for self-funding delegates (through the ALIA Queensland Group).

I encourage you all to be generous to the profession whenever you can.  I am very much looking forward to meeting NLS6 delegates in beautiful Brisbane very soon.

Sue Hutley  @suehutley
1st NLS Convenor

….and so after much deliberation, the panel couldn’t decide on just three so we managed to squeeze in four deserving recipients of these registration scholarships. The winners are:

  • Lyndelle Gunton
  • Julie Rankin
  • Tegan Darnell
  • Ashleigh McKergow

Winners will be contacted by the committee chairs in the next few days to make arrangements.

Congratulations to these lucky ducks! And many thanks to all those who applied. We know it’s sometimes tough to self-fund to conferences and the like, however you only need to see the program and workshops on offer to know that this New Librarians’ Symposium is insanely value for money. How often do you get this good of a deal? Think of this as an investment, make the most of the experience and continue building yourself as an information professional.

Save yourself some $$, buy yourself that well-deserved end of year pressie and invest in your future before early bird registrations close at the end of December!

Dec 212012

There’s only 10 days to go until NLS6 Early Bird Registration closes on Monday 31 December 2012.

With only 10 days left until Early Bird Registration, and only a few days left until Christmas day, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t forget to register for NLS6 amidst all the busy-ness over the coming days.

Join us in Brisbane, Queensland for NLS6 in February 2013.

This ALIA New Graduates event, with discount prices for students and ALIA members, only takes place every two years.

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other students, network with new graduates, collaborate with your peers, and connect with emerging leaders in the LIS profession.

  • Saturday 9th February is filled with an exciting array of workshops.
  • Sunday 10th and Monday 11th February are packed with inspiring keynote speakers and presenters.
  • Tuesday 12th February is your chance to explore the ALIA Info Online Trade Exhibition.

Click here to get your NLS6 registration underway.

NLS6 Early Bird Registrations close on 31 December 2012. Don’t miss out!

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Dec 182012

With so many thoughtful, creative and heartfelt entries for our $200AUD registration bursary, we’ve found it a real challenge to pick only three winners. Thank you to the anonymous donor who made these bursaries possible, and significantly helped three students come to NLS6. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Here are the winning statements*.

I need to attend NLS6 because …

  • 2013 is my year to be different.
  • it is simply the best opportunity for a distance student nearing graduation to network with peers, potential employers and mentors. NLS6 is looking to be a highlight of my 18 months study, and the milestone at the start of my career as a professional librarian.
  • this is the opportunity for me to kick-start my career. I want to make a career for myself and feel that NLS6 offers me a chance to learn, motivate, innovate and strive to achieve rewarding employment.

Our winners* are :

  • Anna Rotar
  • Anton Angelo
  • Elizabeth Wilcox

Congratulations. We look forward to seeing the three of you in Brisbane at NLS6 in February 2013.

If you missed out on these bursaries, don’t forget that there are still other bursaries available, as listed in our earlier blog post.

* Please note, statements and winners’ names are not necessarily listed in matching order.

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Dec 102012

Need some help to get to NLS6? There are a number of funding opportunities available for prospective delegates – here’s the low down!

Just for students: wins $200 towards your registration cost

Closing Friday 14 December (midday AEST)

One very generous not-so-new professional has provided funding for three bursaries for students. Each bursary is worth $200AUD, which means the three people who get these bursaries will be able to attend NLS6 for as little as $95!

How do I enter?

Entry is simple. Just finish the statement: “I need to attend NLS6 because …” and send your answers to helpanlsstudent@gmail.com, along with a statement about which course you are enrolled in.

Answers must be submitted by midday (AEST – Brisbane) Friday 14 December 2012. Winners announced Tuesday 18 December 2012.

Am I eligible?

If you’re studying towards an LIS qualification – either part time or full time – we want to hear from you!

Fine print

  • By submitting, you agree that your statement can be published (anonymously) on our website.
  • A panel will decide on the three statements to win. We are looking for people who would have difficulty getting to NLS without some financial assistance.
  • Each winner will receive $200AUD towards their registration costs.
  • If you have already registered for NLS6, we’ll reimburse you $200AUD if you win.

For people who work in AGLIN member libraries: win free registration plus have your travel and accommodation costs covered!

Closing Monday 17 December

AGLIN is offering a bursary that will cover registration, travel and accommodation for a new graduate to attend NLS6. This is an extremely generous offer!

Am I eligible?

Is your organisation a member of the Australian Government Libraries Information Network (AGLIN)? Then you can apply for this funding opportunity.

How do I enter?

Contact Jessica from AGLIN at aglin@alia.org.au

For people who are self-funding: win free registration!

Closing Friday 21 December (midday AEST)

A whole bunch of experienced, senior members of the LIS profession based in Brisbane pitched in to raise funds for new graduates to attend NLS6. This funding opportunity is for people who would have to pay their own way to get to NLS6. Perhaps you missed out on getting funding from your organisation, or perhaps you’re not working right now. This bursary could be your ticket to NLS6! There are three registrations up for grabs.

Am I eligible?

If you can’t get funding from your organisation to attend NLS, or you’re not currently employed in the field, you should apply for this bursary!

How do I enter?

Simply email us at symposiumchairs@newlibrarianssymposium.com and tell us why you need this funding.

Answers must be submitted by midday (AEST – Brisbane) Friday 21 December 2012. Winners announced Monday 24 December 2012.

Fine print

  • A panel will decide on the three entries to win. We are looking for people who would have difficulty getting to NLS without some financial assistance. This bursary is specifically for people who don’t have financial support from their organisation to attend.
  • Each winner will receive complimentary registration for the Symposium.
  • If you have already registered for NLS6, we’ll reimburse your registration costs if you win.

For people who have to travel to get to NLS6: win up to $1000 towards your travel expenses

Closing Tuesday 15 January

The cost of travel can be a big barrier to attendance at events and conferences. The ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) is running a competition to win a bursary towards your travel and/or accommodation costs.

There are multiple bursaries available and the amount of the bursaries awarded will depend on the needs of the people who get them.

Am I eligible?

The competition is open to presenters and non-presenters, students or anyone just wanting to go for the experience. There are only two requirements – you must be a personal member of ALIA and must not have been involved in organising the Symposium.

How do I enter?

Fill in the application form, write a short statement and then get creative! Use a digital format and tell us how the symposium themes or sub-themes will help you ‘be different’.

Fine print

  • NGAC will decide on the entries to win. Multiple bursaries are available.
  • Each winner will receive funding towards their travel and accommodation costs.
  • If you have already paid for your travel and accommodation, we will reimburse you the amount you are awarded through the bursary.
  • Any questions contact Danielle or Kate at aliangac@gmail.com
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Dec 092012

We’ve put our logo on redbubble so you can order your very own NLS6 tshirt! There’s a wide variety of shirt styles, colours and sizes available, and you can choose whether you want your logo on the front or the back. You can even get a hoodie, but Brisbane is quite warm in February, so you might not find yourself wearing it.

Order your NLS6 shirt now!

Full disclosure: We’re charging a small profit margin on the merch. That money will be put directly back into the Symposium to make it even more awesome!

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Oct 102012
Jenica Rogers

With early bird registration now open, we know that you’ll be keen to know more about our NLS6 keynote speakers. In addition to Ruth Kneale and Marcus Foth, please put your hands together (*waves* on Twitter) for… Jenica Rogers, Director of Libraries at the State University of New York at Potsdam, coming from a background in cataloging, collection development, and staff training. Jenica’s already excited to be coming to Australia in 2013, as she enthused on her blog, Attempting Elegance.

We’re thrilled to have Jenica joining us in February 2013, to inspire us and to encourage us to be different. When we asked Jenica what it means to be different, she shared this with us:

I’ve always been fascinated by the firsts of human history and culture, from the mundane to the monumental. I’m just as interested in how we first began cultivating grasses until they became maize as I am in how we put a human into orbit around the Earth as I am in how we figured out that mold could cure disease.

And since I’m so intrigued by those firsts, those changes, those next and new steps, I can’t help but see that those firsts came about because someone decided to try something new. To move against the steady stream of humanity around them. To challenge the status quo. To improve on current reality. To be different.

It’s not easy making those changes and being different; you hold yourself up to your peers, your community, your culture as an object of attention when you flout convention, and that scrutiny isn’t always comfortable. But I think a willingness to be different and to challenge our base assumptions is what allows us to innovate.

I think it’s the root of most of the remarkable things we’ve accomplished.

I think it’s worth the risk.

Jenica, we’re excited that you’ll be joining Ruth Kneale and Marcus Foth as a keynote speaker at NLS6, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in Brisbane in February 2013.

Again, your challenge now folks is to follow all of our keynotes on Twitter (@sunday9pm, @jenica26, @desertlibrarian), read their blogs and think about how you want to share your ‘be different’ enthusiasm.

Jenica Rogers

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Oct 052012

It’s finally here folks. The moment we’ve been waiting for! Early bird registrations have just opened and we invite you to register now to make a significant saving on the normal full cost of registration.  Don’t miss out on the biggest professional event there is that specifically caters for the needs of library students, new graduates and new info professionals!

Included in your symposium ticket will be entry to a half a day workshop of your choice on Saturday (9 February) and admission to two symposium days (10 and 11 February) featuring prominent keynote speakers who are guaranteed to inspire you to think outside the square and show you the way to take a lead in your own professional development.  Also, your registration allows you to attend the Information Online trade exhibition (12 February). So don’t miss what will be a remarkable event. You will be empowered, energised and inspired!

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Oct 042012

We are excited to announce that speaker proposals have been chosen, keynotes have been confirmed and the sessions for this awesome symposium program have been decided and scheduled. You can check out the exciting line up here (as this is a draft, please note that times may get shuffled around before we announce the final program). Below is a snapshot of the sessions and speakers.

  • The embedded librarian : is this your future? – Jennifer Osborn
  • Balance! WTF? –  Ghylene Palmer and Tamara Capper
  • Presentations: the good, the bad, and the interpretive dance – Kate Freedman
  • I liked librarianship before it went mainstream: the rise of the hipster librarian – Romany Manuell

If you’ve missed our first two keynote announcements – here they are again — We are lucky to have Marcus Foth and Ruth Kneale joining us at NLS6. Watch this space for more awesome keynote announcements in the coming weeks!

So what are you waiting for? C’mon and join us – be inspired, be connected and be different!

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Sep 262012

We’re putting the finishing touches on our draft program and getting our site ready for registration opening! We thought this was the perfect time to give you a heads-up on registration costs and inclusions so you can start planning for your NLS experience.

We have worked hard to bring you an amazing program at even more amazing prices. We’ve kept the cost of registration low while simultaneously increasing the value of your NLS experience. This is not a conference with all the bells and whistles. There won’t be a cocktail party; we aren’t holding the Symposium at a fancy hotel; and there won’t be any silver service at lunches.

What you will get is a valuable professional development experience. We’ve upped the ante on the expert content in the program and signed on several big name keynotes. We’ve put together a seriously fabulous line up of workshops, designed specifically to meet your needs as new or new-ish graduates, and led by the best facilitators in the field. And on top of all that, we have a program of exciting sessions that will challenge you to ‘be different’.

Your Symposium registration will include

  • a pre-symposium, half day workshop of your choice on Saturday 9 February
  • attendance at the Symposium on Sunday 10 and Monday 11 February
  • attendance at the Information Online trade exhibition on Tuesday 12 February

Registration prices are expected to be (usual caveat: these are subject to change until registration opens):

ALIA member rates
Student $299
Early bird $399
Standard $459
Non-member rates
Student $369
Early bird $549
Standard $599

There are some extras you can opt in for, including the Symposium barbeque (our take on a ‘conference dinner’) and extra workshops, but none of these things will break the bank.

Our NLS Experience team have arranged discounted accommodation rates and we’ll be launching a space on our website where you can post classified ads to find someone with whom you can share accommodation.  The team are also keeping a look out for great travel deals, including discounted airfares, and they’ll be posting updates to our blog. In short, we’re doing everything we can to help you minimise the cost of your NLS6 experience.

Registration opening is just days away! In the mean time, start looking at your budget and block out Saturday 9 February through to Tuesday 12 February 2013 for your four day full-of-awesome NLS6 experience!

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