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Jun 142012

After rethinking and redefining the N and the S, the NLS6 committee can’t help but also examine the L that might – or might not – be part of your degree name, your job title, or your workplace description. That might define you in the eyes of your clients. That might inform your current or future career directions. L: Librarian.

While we’re keeping the L in NLS6 we are also acutely aware that many of us don’t work in ‘libraries’ or as ‘librarians’. We are also data managers, knowledge workers, information architects. Archivists, learning officers, research specialists. Let alone the specialisations that exist within any of these branches and the countless others that make up the library and information professions. The lines between these roles are blurrier than ever and, in my opinion at least, it is at the intersections and emergences – and all the glorious debate and messiness therein – of these paths that the really interesting questions about our fundamental professional goals, identities and practices lie.

The NLS6 Organising Committee reflects the diversity of the information professions. And we’re really keen to make sure the complexities and challenges of the evolving professional landscape are reflected in a diverse and inclusive program. NLS6 will be an NLS for all library and information professionals, not just the big ‘L’ librarians. We also want to make sure to highlight the opportunities and crossovers between the different facets of the sector; who knows, you might just discover a new passion and future career!

Do you think of yourself as a ‘librarian’? Where do you think the different roles diverge, and where do they meet?

Jun 052012

We asked for your ideas, and did you ever give them to us! On the blog and on Twitter, your passion and energy (not to mention your smarts!) came through loud and clear. Not only that, the huge range of thoughtful and creative responses showed just how diverse and hungry this demographic is – hungry to be inspired, empowered, challenged and entertained. This is exactly what we want NLS6 to do for you.

So, what’s happening with all those ideas?

We nabbed every blog and Twitter response (even the tongue-in-cheek ones!) and noticed some pretty strong themes emerging. The NLS mainstays – professional skills, strategies and pathways now, and in the future – came back again and again, as well as some delicious thoughts around creativity, empowerment, and living/working/thinking at the cutting edge. Not only that, you came up with some great suggestions for specific speakers. Local heroes, international superstars, movers and shakers from all corners of the profession, and outside it; I want to invite them ALL to the NLS6 party!

Unfortunately, we now reach the hard part.

One of the big jobs for the organising committee over the next few weeks will be refining this list of awesome into a targeted, exciting, program that will bring something different to the table, and set your minds (and Twitter feeds!) alight.

Watch this space for more updates as they emerge. We tagged the call for ideas #mynls6 for a reason: this event is for you, and we will be looking for your direct input and feedback every step of the way. Stay loud. Stay opinionated. Most of all, stay passionate.


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Mar 222012

Thought you’d missed your chance to submit an expression of interest to be part of the NLS6 organising committee?  Think again!

We’ve had more than a few requests to extend the deadline, so we’ve decided to give you an extra week to get an awesome EOI together.

This a great opportunity to have a direct impact on the experience of new professionals on a national scale, so make sure you get your EOI to us by midnight, Friday 30th March to be part of the action.