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Dec 102012

Need some help to get to NLS6? There are a number of funding opportunities available for prospective delegates – here’s the low down!

Just for students: wins $200 towards your registration cost

Closing Friday 14 December (midday AEST)

One very generous not-so-new professional has provided funding for three bursaries for students. Each bursary is worth $200AUD, which means the three people who get these bursaries will be able to attend NLS6 for as little as $95!

How do I enter?

Entry is simple. Just finish the statement: “I need to attend NLS6 because …” and send your answers to helpanlsstudent@gmail.com, along with a statement about which course you are enrolled in.

Answers must be submitted by midday (AEST – Brisbane) Friday 14 December 2012. Winners announced Tuesday 18 December 2012.

Am I eligible?

If you’re studying towards an LIS qualification – either part time or full time – we want to hear from you!

Fine print

  • By submitting, you agree that your statement can be published (anonymously) on our website.
  • A panel will decide on the three statements to win. We are looking for people who would have difficulty getting to NLS without some financial assistance.
  • Each winner will receive $200AUD towards their registration costs.
  • If you have already registered for NLS6, we’ll reimburse you $200AUD if you win.

For people who work in AGLIN member libraries: win free registration plus have your travel and accommodation costs covered!

Closing Monday 17 December

AGLIN is offering a bursary that will cover registration, travel and accommodation for a new graduate to attend NLS6. This is an extremely generous offer!

Am I eligible?

Is your organisation a member of the Australian Government Libraries Information Network (AGLIN)? Then you can apply for this funding opportunity.

How do I enter?

Contact Jessica from AGLIN at aglin@alia.org.au

For people who are self-funding: win free registration!

Closing Friday 21 December (midday AEST)

A whole bunch of experienced, senior members of the LIS profession based in Brisbane pitched in to raise funds for new graduates to attend NLS6. This funding opportunity is for people who would have to pay their own way to get to NLS6. Perhaps you missed out on getting funding from your organisation, or perhaps you’re not working right now. This bursary could be your ticket to NLS6! There are three registrations up for grabs.

Am I eligible?

If you can’t get funding from your organisation to attend NLS, or you’re not currently employed in the field, you should apply for this bursary!

How do I enter?

Simply email us at symposiumchairs@newlibrarianssymposium.com and tell us why you need this funding.

Answers must be submitted by midday (AEST – Brisbane) Friday 21 December 2012. Winners announced Monday 24 December 2012.

Fine print

  • A panel will decide on the three entries to win. We are looking for people who would have difficulty getting to NLS without some financial assistance. This bursary is specifically for people who don’t have financial support from their organisation to attend.
  • Each winner will receive complimentary registration for the Symposium.
  • If you have already registered for NLS6, we’ll reimburse your registration costs if you win.

For people who have to travel to get to NLS6: win up to $1000 towards your travel expenses

Closing Tuesday 15 January

The cost of travel can be a big barrier to attendance at events and conferences. The ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) is running a competition to win a bursary towards your travel and/or accommodation costs.

There are multiple bursaries available and the amount of the bursaries awarded will depend on the needs of the people who get them.

Am I eligible?

The competition is open to presenters and non-presenters, students or anyone just wanting to go for the experience. There are only two requirements – you must be a personal member of ALIA and must not have been involved in organising the Symposium.

How do I enter?

Fill in the application form, write a short statement and then get creative! Use a digital format and tell us how the symposium themes or sub-themes will help you ‘be different’.

Fine print

  • NGAC will decide on the entries to win. Multiple bursaries are available.
  • Each winner will receive funding towards their travel and accommodation costs.
  • If you have already paid for your travel and accommodation, we will reimburse you the amount you are awarded through the bursary.
  • Any questions contact Danielle or Kate at aliangac@gmail.com
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Nov 292012

We’ve been getting a few questions about registration, so we thought we’d answer the common ones in a post. Here goes!

Are the workshops included in my registration?

One half day workshop is included in your registration. You can upgrade to a full day workshop, add a second half day workshop, and add lunch for a small charge.

How do I tell you which workshop I want to go to?

You nominate which half day workshop you’d like to attend (or tell us you’d rather do a full day workshop) through the registration form. You can also add an additional workshop through the registration form.

Where have you hidden the workshop program?

You can access the workshop program from the Program page – you just need to choose “Workshops” from the “Symposium” drop down menu. Or go straight there with this handy link!

Is the BBQ included in the cost of my registration?

BBQ tickets are not included in your registration ticket, but at $15, it’s a bargain and an essential addition to your registration. You can purchase a BBQ ticket when you register for the Symposium.

Is food provided on the workshop day (Saturday)?

Morning tea or afternoon tea is included for half day workshops.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is included for full day workshops.

If you’re attending one or two half day workshops, you can opt to have lunch with us. You’ll need to pre-purchase lunch when you register. If you’re doing two half day workshops, we highly recommend you join us for lunch as there won’t be anything open on campus.

Is food provided on the Symposium days (Sunday and Monday)?

It sure is! Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is included on both days. To take advantage of the amazing weather we’re sure to have, we’ll be providing you with a boxed lunch so you can have a picnic in the nearby botanic gardens.

I’m a LIANZA member. Can I pay the ALIA Member registration rate?

Yes! LIANZA members are entitled to the ALIA Member registration rate.

Do I get a discount if I register for both NLS6 and Information Online?

We’ve worked hard to keep the cost of NLS6 as low as possible. Unfortunately this means we can’t offer you a discount for registering for both NLS and Information Online.

Is there a discounted registration rate for speakers?

We are offering speakers a complimentary BBQ ticket and a free upgrade to a full day workshop or a free ticket to a second half day workshop (plus lunch on the workshop day). To take advantage of this, please make sure you choose the Speaker rate when you register.

Is there a day registration option?

We have such an awesome event in store for you, we know you’d be disappointed if you missed half the program! We’re not offering one day registrations because the costs involved in a one day ticket mean we can’t offer them at a rate that we think is good value.

Our organisation wants to send a whole bunch of people. Is there a discount for bulk registrations?

We love your commitment to the professional development of your staff! Email us at events@alia.org.au or give us a call on 02 6215 8222 to discuss how we can help you get as many of your staff to the event as possible.

My organisation budgets on a calendar year cycle and we are not in a position to register until January. What should we do?

If you are looking to register multiple staff members but you cannot commit your budget until January, we suggest you get in touch with us to discuss your registration needs. Email us at events@alia.org.au or give us a call on 02 6215 8222.

I haven’t registered yet because there are all these bursaries available. Is it safe to wait til the winners are announced?

We strongly recommend you register early. If you win one of the many bursaries on offer, we will work with you and the provider of the bursary to refund your registration if necessary.

Do I need to rush to get my registration in?

We have a cap on attendance numbers for NLS6 – past a certain point, we simply won’t be able to accommodate any more delegates. We strongly recommend you book early to avoid disappointment.

Will Early Bird registrations be extended?

When we opened registration, we stretched out the closing date for Early Bird registrations as far as possible. Due to the logistics involved in running an event so early in the year, we cannot extend the closing date for Early Bird registrations. And we do not want you to have to pay the full registration rate – so get in before 31 December!

I’m having trouble with this registration form. Can you help me?

Yes, we can! Simply email us at events@alia.org.au or give us a call on 02 6215 8222.

All my questions are answered! Except… Where do I sign up?

Head over to our registration page and secure your ticket now.

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Sep 262012

We’re putting the finishing touches on our draft program and getting our site ready for registration opening! We thought this was the perfect time to give you a heads-up on registration costs and inclusions so you can start planning for your NLS experience.

We have worked hard to bring you an amazing program at even more amazing prices. We’ve kept the cost of registration low while simultaneously increasing the value of your NLS experience. This is not a conference with all the bells and whistles. There won’t be a cocktail party; we aren’t holding the Symposium at a fancy hotel; and there won’t be any silver service at lunches.

What you will get is a valuable professional development experience. We’ve upped the ante on the expert content in the program and signed on several big name keynotes. We’ve put together a seriously fabulous line up of workshops, designed specifically to meet your needs as new or new-ish graduates, and led by the best facilitators in the field. And on top of all that, we have a program of exciting sessions that will challenge you to ‘be different’.

Your Symposium registration will include

  • a pre-symposium, half day workshop of your choice on Saturday 9 February
  • attendance at the Symposium on Sunday 10 and Monday 11 February
  • attendance at the Information Online trade exhibition on Tuesday 12 February

Registration prices are expected to be (usual caveat: these are subject to change until registration opens):

ALIA member rates
Student $299
Early bird $399
Standard $459
Non-member rates
Student $369
Early bird $549
Standard $599

There are some extras you can opt in for, including the Symposium barbeque (our take on a ‘conference dinner’) and extra workshops, but none of these things will break the bank.

Our NLS Experience team have arranged discounted accommodation rates and we’ll be launching a space on our website where you can post classified ads to find someone with whom you can share accommodation.  The team are also keeping a look out for great travel deals, including discounted airfares, and they’ll be posting updates to our blog. In short, we’re doing everything we can to help you minimise the cost of your NLS6 experience.

Registration opening is just days away! In the mean time, start looking at your budget and block out Saturday 9 February through to Tuesday 12 February 2013 for your four day full-of-awesome NLS6 experience!

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Jun 082012

What is the definition of a ‘new professional’? In terms of a period of time, you’ve probably hear people talk about new professionals as having been in the profession for up to about five years.

But so many variables are involved in how we think about ourselves and our ‘newness’. If you make a big job change after a few years in the profession (like going from public libraries to corporate information management), you might find you still feel like a new professional well beyond that five year mark. If you make a transition to a senior position early in your career, you might feel like the term ‘new professional’ doesn’t apply to you, even if you’re only a few years out from your graduation. In reality, the idea of ‘new’ in the context of your professional status is entirely subjective and unique to you.

That’s why we’ve decided to take a different view of what ‘new’ means for NLS6. We’re working to develop a program that is tailored for all professionals who feel like they fit somewhere in the spectrum of newness… From those who are thinking about embarking on studies in LIS, to those who have been doing information work for years but are only recently qualified as info pros, to those who have been in the profession for more than five years and are thinking about the next phase of their careers.

For the first time, NLS6 will have a stream dedicated to those professionals who still kinda feel new to the profession, but who think they’re almost ready to shed their new grad status. We’ve got some ideas for this stream, but we’d also love to hear from those of you who fall into this category. What do you need to help you set off on your next adventure?

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Jun 032012

When Vanessa and I first started talking about the possibility of working on NLS6, one of the first things we spoke about was the word ‘symposium’. If you trawl around the web, you’ll find lots of discussion about how conferences and symposia differ. Some of the discussion would have you thinking the difference is semantic or arbitrary. But we don’t think it is.

The Oxford English Dictionary entry for symposium unpacks the history of the term. For the ancient Greeks, a symposium was a “drinking-party; a convivial meeting for drinking, conversation, and intellectual entertainment”. That’s a description that could be applied to pretty much any conference dinner, but if you take out the drinking part, you’re left with a “convivial meeting for… conversation, and intellectual entertainment”. That’s a pretty good description of what we think makes NLS unique.

Today, a symposium might be defined as a “meeting or conference for discussion of some subject; hence, a collection of opinions delivered, or a series of articles contributed, by a number of persons on some special topic”.

While we won’t be reclining on comfy couches, over the last decade, the New Librarians’ Symposia have become renowned for the convivial atmosphere the ancient Greeks are said to have favoured. NLS is the fun event on the Australian professional development circuit, but more importantly than that, it’s a deliberately welcoming, nurturing environment designed to help new professionals find their feet and their professional identity.

You won’t hear us talk about NLS6 as a conference. And that’s simply because we don’t think it is one. The inclusion of the S word in the event’s title is no mistake. The pioneers that developed NLS envisaged a different type of event, and with its return to its home town in 2013, we’re taking NLS6 back to its roots.

NLS6 will be less formal than a conference, more focused in its content, and concerned with quality conversation, not slick presentation. There won’t be a fancy venue, a high-priced conference dinner, a dozen international superstar keynotes costing megabucks, or a hefty price tag for you, the delegate. What there will be is an awesome and action-packed program that’s tailored specifically to your needs, plenty of opportunities for networking, content that challenges you to think differently, and the very best atmosphere you’ll ever experience at this kind of event.

We can’t wait for February 2013!

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Jun 012012

I’m not sure about you, but I feel like I blinked sometime around mid-January and suddenly, the year had slipped out from under me.  June is here and in the Australian LIS blogosphere, that means a whole lotta blogging coming your way.

For those of you who are new to the phenomenon that is #blogjune, you can catch up on a bit of history over at Ruminations (where it all started).

This is the third year of #blogjune, and this year, the NLS6 Organising Committee will be playing, too. While we may not blog every day, we will be blogging frequently this month. It’s a perfect opportunity for the Committee to explore what NLS means to us, and even more importantly, what it means to you. We may even have an announcement or two to make in the next 30 days!

Sign up to receive email updates, subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a post!

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May 162012

One of the very first tasks for the NLS6 Organising Committee is locking in a range of awesome keynote speakers.

But in keeping with our Be different theme, we want to take a different approach to selecting speakers for keynote presentations and participants for panels.

This time round, we want you guys – the delegates-to-be – to tell us what you want to hear about and who you want to hear from.

We encourage you to think differently:

  • Think beyond the L in LIS. What’s happening in the broader information profession?
  • Think beyond the obvious three. It’s not just about academic, public and special libraries. Who inspires you in school libraries? Research libraries? Non-traditional library roles?
  • Think beyond a lecture. Our ‘keynote’ sessions don’t have to be traditional keynotes. Want to hear different people on the same topic? Suggest a panel, debate, or round of lightening talk keynotes.

You can suggest topics or people – we’re open to both.

Although we can’t promise stacks of big names from overseas, don’t limit your thinking at this point. As well as having people present in person at NLS6, we’re open to bringing some keynote presenters in virtually.

So let’s get a discussion going! Tell us what you think, either in the comments here, or by tweeting with the hashtag #mynls6. Have your say by COB Friday 25 May.

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May 142012

The NLS6 Organising Committee met last week to kick off our planning. Here’s what we’re working on at the moment.

Budget and administration

Venues, catering and contracts are being locked down. We’ve been balancing the books to bring you the best possible symposium experience at the lowest possible cost. NLS6 will not cost you the earth, but we will have an earth-shattering program!


Jess and Fiona are looking after the Proposals and Speaker Liaison crew, who are busily preparing a draft call for contributions and working to refine the program model. We have something seriously different in store for you. Start thinking about what you might like to contribute to the NLS6 program!


The Experience team, lead by Alisa and Michelle, are working out the nitty gritty of how they can help you to have a smooth experience as you prepare for your trip to Brisbane, and an awesome time once you get here. They’re going to be bringing you helpful travel information, tips and advice. And they’re also putting together a range of free workshops for NLS6 delegates that will take place the day before the symposium kicks off.


Our Marketing lead Karina is working hard on a marketing plan for the event. She’ll be the one making sure we have good visibility so we can attract a wide range of delegates from different parts of the information professions.


Zaana is working on our sponsorship prospectus and will soon be talking to organisations who’ve already expressed an interest in supporting NLS6.


Our self-proclaimed web monkey Matthias and his co-chair Lisa are working on the symposium website, our proposal submission site and a collaborative space for the committee. They have some pretty cool stuff in the makings so make sure you visit here often.

What’s next?

In keeping with our aim to deliver a very different NLS, in the next few days, you’ll have your first opportunity to input into the direction of the program. Stay tuned for details!

Mar 122012

We’ve had a few people ask about various committee roles so we thought we’d blog about a few of the roles and how we envisage them working.

Proposals and speaker liaison

This role will involve coordinating the proposal submission and review process. This is quite a big job so we’ll need to make sure there is a great team in place to help with it. This role will also involve coordinating a mentoring program for first time presenters – basically, linking them up with someone more experienced and providing them with some resources to help them through the process from proposal to presentation. This will also be the ‘zen person’ who coordinates speakers on the day – making sure they have everything they need and generally keeping them calm and grounded. This might be a two person role, because it’s quite a big portfolio. In this role, you’ll work closely with co-chair Vanessa Warren, who will be coordinating the program.

To be successful in this role, you’ll need to be an administrative ninja with great communication skills. You’ll also need to be the kind of person who is calm under pressure and a great problem solver. Existing connections in the librarian and information field would help you set up the mentoring program, but if you don’t have those connections, confidence and being unafraid to ask people for what you need will serve you just as well.


This is an enormously important role! Securing sponsorship for NLS6 will help to ease budgetary pressures and ensure we can meet our aim of delivering an affordable professional development opportunity for new graduates. Every sponsorship dollar we secure will help us to add something to the NLS experience. In this role, you’ll work closely with co-chair Kate Davis, who’ll be coordinating the event budget.

This role needs someone who is confident enough to cold call potential sponsors, persistent enough to keep asking even when you’re not having a lot of success, and who can talk the sales talk.


A successful marketing plan will help us attract delegates to the event. In this role, you’ll develop the marketing plan, work with the marketing budget, liaise with designers, coordinate social media marketing and generally ensure that key messages about the event are consistently pushed out in the lead up. You’ll have a team to help you with all this, particularly with disseminating messages and keeping the social media buzz happening.

You’ll need to be creative, strategic and organised. You’ll also need to have strong writing skills and experience with social media.


This role is about making sure delegates have the best posible experience at NLS6. In this role, you’ll be responsible for helping delegates work out how to get to Brisbane for NLS, as well as where to stay and what to do once they’re here. You’ll do things like monitor airline sales and make sure potential NLS delegates know about them; maintain a space full of information about accommodation options and that provides an opportunity for people to connect if they want to organise home stays or accommodation sharing; facilitate information sharing about informal social events; essentially, anything that can help our delegates have a great experience.

We’re also keen to make sure NLS6 is a great value event for delegates. This means that we want to run a range of free or low cost workshops and tours the day before NLS kicks off. Your job will be to coordinate this.

Of course, you won’t have to do all of this on your own! You’ll have a team working with you. We’re also open to the idea of splitting this role in two: experience as one role, and tours and workshops as another.

If you’re interested in the experience role, you’ll probably be based in Brisbane (because you’ll need to know this city!) and you’ll be the kind of person who enjoys travel (and you won’t mind your inbox being full of alerts from airlines and accommodation providers!). Coordinating the tours and workshops will require great organisation skills and a willingness to approach potential speakers.


This one is pretty self explanatory: you’ll be a code monkey with great writing skills and a flair for producing and curating multimedia content. Our site is currently running on WordPress, so experience with WordPress would be advantageous (although you’re welcome to move the site to another CMS if you have something different in mind). You won’t be solely responsible for the site content, but you will be the one who coordinates the whole thing. This role will involve lots of liaison: you’ll work with the marketing team to make the most of social media; you’ll work on the proposal submission site; and you’ll generally come up with options for other Organising Committee members and their website needs.


This role will be really important in the couple of months before the event and during the event itself. You’ll look after volunteer recruitment, roster volunteers, troubleshoot and, essentially, keep everything ticking along. You will be an awesome communicator with great interpersonal skills and a flair for solving problems. This is an enormously important role.

Need more info?

You’re welcome to email us at nls6.alia@gmail.com if you’d like any more information. But really, we want you to tell us how this Organising Committee should run. If you think of a role that’s not in our list – suggest it and express your interest! If you think a function should be managed in a different way than we’ve suggested, we’d like to hear about that, too.

All of these roles need someone to shape them. These are our thoughts about what needs to be done – it’s up to you to add your personal style, highlight what we’ve missed, and bring NLS6 to life!

Mar 092012

Interested in helping organise a spectacular New Librarians Symposium? Expressions of interest are now open!

How will the committee work?
The core Organising Committee will be a small group of no more than eight members, with specific roles for each member. We are looking for motivated, creative and collaborative people to lead in the following roles:

  • Sponsorship
  • Marketing
  • Website
  • Experience (tours, workshops, travel and social coordination)
  • Proposals and speaker liaison
  • Volunteers

Each member of the Organising Committee will be responsible for chairing a sub-committee related to their role. Sub-committee chairs will be responsible for managing particular aspects of the event organisation and will report regularly to the wider Organising Committee.

Other opportunities to get involved
Not sure about joining the Organising Committee in a leadership role? We’re also looking for people to participate in sub-committees in each area.

In addition to roles on the Organising Committee and sub-committees, there will be numerous opportunities to get involved in shaping the direction of NLS6. We’ll be seeking input from potential delegates throughout the process, and delegates will even have the opportunity to help choose the content for the event.

Do I need to live in Brisbane?
No, the Organising Committee will be a virtual committee. Some roles may be better carried out by someone based in Brisbane, but there are plenty of ways for out-of-towners to contribute.

Who are you looking for?
New graduates, students, and others with an interest in new graduate issues. Members of the Organising Committee must also be personal members of ALIA or another related association.

We are looking for people who have the time and energy to commit to helping organise the event. If you’re interested in a role on the Organising Committee, it is important that you understand the nature of the role and that you will need to invest several hours each week in NLS6 activities.

What do I need to do?
Tell us how you’d like to help! We’re looking for expressions of interest for leadership roles in the Organising Committee and support roles in the sub-committees.

If you’re interested in taking part, we’d like you to identify a specific role on the Organising Committee or a particular sub-committee you’d like to join. Please submit an expression of interest related to your particular area of interest.

If you think of a key role we’ve left off the list, please let us know and express your interest in that role.

You are welcome to express interest in more than one role but please be aware that, due to the workload involved in organising an event like this, it is unlikely that you’ll be allocated more than one area of responsibility.

What do I include in my expression of interest?

Please include:

  • a short CV (no more than two pages)
  • one of the following:
    • a statement of interest in a particular role on the Organising Committee, including an outline of why you are interested in this position and an overview of the skills, knowledge and experience you will bring to the position (no more than one page) OR
    • a statement of interest in joining a particular sub-committee, including an outline of why you are interested in this sub-committee and an overview of the skills, knowledge and experience you will bring to the committee (no more than one page)
  • one of the following:
    • a statement of employer support for your participation on the Organising Committee or sub-committee, including an indication that you will be allowed to undertake some activities on work time OR
    • a statement indicating that you are willing and able to commit your personal time to committee duties over the next 12 months
  • a 100 word statement in response to the question “What would your ideal NLS look like?”

We encourage you to think beyond your experience working in the library and information professions when preparing your expression of interest. Draw on previous careers, committee involvement and any other relevant experience.

Submit your expression of interest by email to nls6.alia@gmail.com.nospam (remove .nospam) by midnight Friday 30 March (UPDATED).

Expressions of interest will be considered by a panel comprised of:

  • Kate Davis (NLS6 co-chair)
  • Vanessa Warren (NLS6 co-chair and NGAC chair)
  • Mel Chivers (NGG coordinator)
  • Christina Granata (ALIA Events Manager)

We’ll let you know the outcome of the process by the end of March.