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A different event:

NLS6 will be unlike any New Librarians’ Symposium you’ve seen!

A different partnership

In 2013, New Librarians’ Symposium will be joining forces with Information Online to bring you a week of exciting professional development opportunities in sunny Brisbane.

The Sixth New Librarians’ Symposium (NLS6) will be held over the two days preceding Information Online. The NLS6 Organising Committee will work closely with the Information Online Program Committee to capitalise on all the possibilities that running these two events side-by-side will offer.

A different approach to event management

NLS6 will be an ALIA New Graduates Group event, run by a committee of volunteers. Shifting NLS away from the ALIA conference model gives us flexibility in approach and means we can bring it in at a lower cost. Because NLS is not a conference (it’s a symposium!), there won’t be all the processes associated with a conference, which reduces the cost. It also means there’s significantly more work to be done – but we don’t think that’s anything to be afraid of!

The NLS Organising Committee will be chaired by Kate Davis and Vanessa Warren. A committee of volunteers will be selected based on expressions of interest.

A different experience

We’re taking NLS back to its roots as a reasonably priced professional development opportunity for students, new graduates and those that are just about ready to relinquish their new grad status. At NLS6, you can expect to see a focus on a top quality program, not on the bells and whistles that go along with a fancy conference.

You can still expect to see a three figure price tag, but we’re going to do our best to minimise the costs to you, and we’re going to celebrate that along the way; we will have lots of fun with our ‘no frills’ approach.

At NLS6, content is king! Not catering, venue or formal social events… just the stuff we know you’re really here for: a program tailored for you and opportunities to do some serious networking.

… for different and diverse professions

NLS6 is not just for librarians! The program will be tailored to meet the needs of a range of attendees from across the information professions. With our theme of Think different. Be different. we have a perfect opportunity to incorporate perspectives on other options for LIS careers. Archives, museums, corporate information management, knowledge management… We know you come from diverse roles across the information professions, but we also know we have many common interests across that diversity. NLS will be designed with all of the information professions in mind.

Different ways for *everyone* to get involved

NLS6 will be the ultimate participative conference experience! We’ve lined up a range of opportunities for you to get involved in shaping the event:

  1. Tell us what you want. We’re going to be asking questions on our blog, via elists, and on Twitter to find out what you want to see at NLS6. Make sure you have your say!
  2. Join the Organising Committee. (The call for expressions of interest in joining the Organising Committee is now closed. Meet the Organising Committee here )
  3. Join a sub-committee. (The call for expressions of interest in joining the sub-committees is now closed. Meet the sub-committee members here )
  4. Be a proposal reviewer. When we call for proposals from potential speakers, we’ll also be asking for people to review the proposals. You’ll have a two week window in which to review the proposals and return your reviews. In this way, everyone gets a chance to shape the program. Keep a look out for information about the call for proposals. We also have another really exciting opportunity for delegates to shape the program – you’ll find out more about this when registrations open!
  5. Volunteer on the day. As a volunteer run event, we’re going to need a lot of volunteers on the day to undertake a variety of roles. We’ll be calling for volunteers closer to the conference.
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  1. Hey Kate

    Thanks for the blog post. Can you proposal reviewer as well submit your own proposal for the conference?

    thanks again

    • Absolutely! In fact, when you submit a proposal, you’ll be asked if you want to review as well.