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Sep 252012

Now we’re on a roll to start sharing our excitement about our keynotes, we’d like to introduce you to our second keynote speaker, Ruth Kneale, Systems Librarian and author of You don’t look like a librarian. Ruth is excited to be visiting Australia to share her expertise in embedded librarianship, special libraries, and professional identity. She is also pretty excited to be crowd sourced to be part of NLS6.

We’re thrilled to have Ruth joining us in February 2013, to inspire us and to encourage us to ‘be different’.

Here’s what Ruth had to say when we asked her, what does it mean to you to ‘be different’?

For me, being different means always challenging people’s expectations about what it is to be a librarian – attempting to change the stereotype in any way I can! It also means being proactive, rather than reactive, and never letting someone’s preconceived notions about what a librarian can or can’t do stop me from pushing boundaries.

Check out Ruth’s blog, read her book and follow her on Twitter (you’ll find her online @desertlibrarian), so you can start to think up all the questions you want to ask her.

Ruth, we’re really looking forward to having you join us in February 2013 at NLS6.


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