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Jun 082012

What is the definition of a ‘new professional’? In terms of a period of time, you’ve probably hear people talk about new professionals as having been in the profession for up to about five years.

But so many variables are involved in how we think about ourselves and our ‘newness’. If you make a big job change after a few years in the profession (like going from public libraries to corporate information management), you might find you still feel like a new professional well beyond that five year mark. If you make a transition to a senior position early in your career, you might feel like the term ‘new professional’ doesn’t apply to you, even if you’re only a few years out from your graduation. In reality, the idea of ‘new’ in the context of your professional status is entirely subjective and unique to you.

That’s why we’ve decided to take a different view of what ‘new’ means for NLS6. We’re working to develop a program that is tailored for all professionals who feel like they fit somewhere in the spectrum of newness… From those who are thinking about embarking on studies in LIS, to those who have been doing information work for years but are only recently qualified as info pros, to those who have been in the profession for more than five years and are thinking about the next phase of their careers.

For the first time, NLS6 will have a stream dedicated to those professionals who still kinda feel new to the profession, but who think they’re almost ready to shed their new grad status. We’ve got some ideas for this stream, but we’d also love to hear from those of you who fall into this category. What do you need to help you set off on your next adventure?

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